Monday, May 9, 2005

Hello, My Name Is...

Oh it's Monday, and I am back at work, which should be reason enough not to be thrilled, but I woke up this morning (a little sleepy) as a new person. Okay, not new, but definitely different that the last month (maybe). The sun was shining, I had my coffee and time to watch The Today Show before schlepping uptown. I breathed a sigh of relief, because today (for the most part) I can start to relax.

So if you don't know me other than just reading this blog, I do sincerely apologize because there's a chance you deem me psychotic, strange, or just stressed out. So let me introduce myself, er, again. I like music. I have a strange addiction to finding new music, but have serious problems when I have to make room for new CDs. I drink/smoke/email too much for it to be healthy, but I figure, what the hell...I'm young. And I go to shows, when I can, and when I can convince one of my friends to tag along, even if they have no idea who they are going to see. Oh yeah, and I do this a lot of the time, that usually makes me feel like an idiot, but somehow can't seem to stop. But generally, I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky gal, a bit awkward at times, but hopelessly optimistic about everything. I think.

Okay, you are bored. I know. So I know I said I'd get back to the new band a day thing, but I fear I won't be able to keep up since I have to part with my laptop tomorrow. My CD burner has been broken for ages, and I couldn't deal with the added stress of backing everything up on another computer until this issue was done. So my music will be all over the place, but hopefully next week I'll get to sharing a lot of the great music I've got my hands on.

But don't fret! Today is a special day, not only will you get an advance look at the cover of Issue Six of the magazine(featuring The GoStation), but a lot of random mp3s that I will offer up, out of the goodness of my heart.

Are we all okay now? Good.

ISSUE SIX!!!! (Photo by Syd Stanyar)

MP3s (Right click, save as)
  • The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now (Everybody is talking about this song lately, and with good reason. It'll get you bouncing in your chair, or okay..maybe that's just me.)

  • 13 & God - Men of Station (I've listened to this song about 10 times in a row now, thanks to gorilla vs. bear and I am loving it. The pianos especially. Very chill, very walkable (is that weird?). You know what I mean. )

  • The Album Leaf - Brennivin (I just happened to attend an Album Leaf show at North Six a few months ago, and was completely blown away. This song is from an exclusive EP released in Spain. Light some candles, draw a bath (if I had one I would) and this is relaxation man. Just what I need. )

  • Ben Gibbard - Complicated (From you ain't no picasso, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab covering that Avril song. Enough said. )

  • Low - Monkey (I should really listen to more of this band. Each song I come across I find so innovative. You think you know a band, and then a song like this comes around. I'm consistently impressed. )

  • Interpol - Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix) (Thanks to stereogum and a million and one other blogs, here's a very cool remix of a very cool Interpol remixed by the very cool bass player.)

  • Spoon - I Turn My Camera On (New Spoon album out tomorrow. Are you ready? I came across the most awkward interview with Britt Daniel from Pitchfork and it made me feel a little bit better about my own terrible interviewing skills. Read it here, maybe it'll make you feel better too. )

  • Ted Leo - Me and Mia (How can you not love Ted Leo and not love this song? I switch back and forth between this and Bloc Party's Banquet at 6 AM to wake me up. It works every time. )

  • Akron Family - Running, Returning (Another thanks to gorilla vs. bear for this one. I keep hearing about these guys, and had never actually heard any of their music. And now I have and I'm a fan. Gotta get me more of them, and perhaps an interview for an up-coming issue..)

  • The Out Crowd - Little Elf (Former Brian Jonestown Massacre member Matt Hollywood heads up this band from Seattle. This guy has it, there's no question in that. Almost sounds like a less drugged version of a BJM song, which, I guess...makes sense. )

  • Whew, that took a lot out of me (and a good chunk of time at work, oops). Enjoy some tunes for this Monday. My name's Rachael, and it was a pleasure sharing with you.


    Anonymous said...

    On the opposite end of the psychotic scale, you have those that engage in as much activity as a domesticated cat. Maybe I should check out the independent scene over here for once, but I'm afraid I'll start losing faith...

    Happy recharging!

    Daniel Siew

    Anton's Sideburns said...

    The Out Crowd - not so much a less drugged version of BJM as a stoned and pleasantly plump, slighly less prolific BJM.

    Anonymous said...

    public pervert is my favorite song off the antics album :)
    -*heart* georgia

    Anonymous said...

    Nice mix of songs. Thanks for posting those...

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