Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Consider Me Boring

It seems as though everyone else is having quite exciting experiences lately. I try and live vicariously through them, since I've forced myself to stay in everynight in an attempt to transcribe all those interviews I have laying around, and edit all those stories I have waiting on my computer. Instead, I chat on AIM and find out what's going on outside of my walls. One of my trustworthy and fantastic staff writers, Monica, seems to up to some pretty good stuff.

Chris -- get ready to be jealous.

Rachael (11:01:37 PM): what is this jenny lewis business?! do tell...
Monica (11:01:52 PM): i just interviewed her
Rachael (11:02:06 PM): for?
Monica (11:02:50 PM): the magazine i worked for this summer
Monica (11:02:52 PM): Relevant
Rachael (11:02:54 PM): oh wow
Rachael (11:02:56 PM): thats fantastic
Rachael (11:02:57 PM): how did it go?
Monica (11:03:02 PM): it was WILD
Monica (11:03:07 PM): we drank a pitcher of sangria
Rachael (11:03:13 PM): no way!!
Monica (11:03:59 PM): then i went to bartending school
Monica (11:04:03 PM): very very drunk
Rachael (11:04:08 PM): lol well seems approriate
Rachael (11:04:22 PM): so what was she like?
Monica (11:05:15 PM): she's really small
Monica (11:05:17 PM): and adorable
Rachael (11:07:15 PM): anything revealing in the interview?
Monica (11:08:43 PM): she hates being asked about her childhood acting career
Rachael (11:09:05 PM): i can imagine...i hope you didn't ask her about it ;-)
Monica (11:09:15 PM): um,
Rachael (11:09:20 PM): haha
Monica (11:09:21 PM): maybe a little
Monica (11:09:30 PM): i asked if she had any offers for acting jobs
Rachael (11:09:45 PM): fair enough
Rachael (11:10:03 PM): she has a solo album coming out, right?
Monica (11:11:10 PM): yeah
Monica (11:11:12 PM): i got it
Rachael (11:11:16 PM): how is it?
Monica (11:11:20 PM): it's ok
Monica (11:11:24 PM): she needs blake sennett
Monica (11:11:29 PM): but it's ok
Rachael (11:11:39 PM): haha
Rachael (11:11:45 PM): did u tell her that too?
Monica (11:11:58 PM): haha no way
Monica (11:12:01 PM): i told her i liked it
Monica (11:12:02 PM): which i do
Monica (11:12:08 PM): just not as much as both of them
Monica (11:12:14 PM): they should get back together
Rachael (11:12:25 PM): they should
Rachael (11:13:08 PM): anything else fun happen?
Monica (11:13:22 PM): we drank a lot of sangria

mmm. sangria.


  • The Diggs have a new track up on their website that I have listened to maybe 100071207 times in the past 24 hours.
    And if this is just the demo version, I don't know what to expect from their full length.
    The Diggs - It's Just Like You Say (right click, save as)

  • Call Me Mickey has some great tracks up, including mp3s of Arcade Fire and CYHSY performances on KCRW.
    Arcade Fire - Intervention (follow link)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance (follow link)


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