Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hey Now Now | The Cloud Room

Random news and notes for this rainy Wednesday:

  • Did you know we're having a PARTY next Friday? Underrated Magazine is turning two, and it wouldn't be the same without it. It also wouldn't be the same without our fabulous bands that are helping us celebrate: The Head Set, A Brief Smile, and The Five O'Clock Heroes. I better see you there. Details here.

  • An Aquarium Drunkard has two tracks from the Golden Globe winning score (should have won, enough of John Williams already, he probably has a bathtub filled with statues) of Brokeback Mountain. I got the soundtrack the other day and it gives me chills every time I listen to it. Speaking of the Golden Globes, Heart On A Stick gives his hilarious blow-by-blow of the night.

  • Call Me Mickey is getting ready for SXSW by posting a A-Z guide of all the bands that are going to be there. He's got a bunch of MP3s up there too, and it looks like it must have taken him a while, so go check it out. Speaking of SXSW, check out Done Waiting, a blog devoted to the festival with all the info you'll need.

  • Chris has got a contest going from Merge Records. All you gotta do is name your top 3 anticipated albums of the year and you are in the running to receive The Rosebuds LP, among some other cool stuff.

  • Hold the presses! Nora remembered she had a blog. Yay!

  • Always wanted to interview your favorite band? Well now you can! Garrison over at Indie Interviews is calling on all you die-hard fans to submit questions for his upcoming interviews that include some top names in the indie world. Find out all the details here.

  • I always wanted to experience what it's like to record an album. Now I can, sorta. Birdmonster has a blog and is giving all of us the low-down on their anticipated debut. Other bands that have blogs? Voxtrot lead singer Ramsesh Srivastava. Check it out here

  • Watch this trailer and remember why Bloc Party rules the world. Yeah, that's right. I said it. [Via Dodge]

  • The battle between Morningwood and We Are Scientists continues, this time in the New York Times. [Via Jerry Yeti]

  • It seems like I can't even go a week without mentioning Tom Vek. But this time it's for good reasons that don't include stalking. So Much Silence has got MP3s up of Tom's performance on KCRW. Get them here.

  • I don't really like Pitchfork, but once in a while they actually have something interesting to say. Check out this article about the rise and not-yet fall of New York's own Cloud Room. Who knew one of my top songs of the year was about HIV? See, sometimes you do learn things from Pitchfork. But besides that it's a very informative commentary on the music industry, specifically what happens when an indie band has a hit song (that never really hits). I still love the song, and I happened to be a fan of the whole album. But I hope, nay I know, the band will do better in the future.

  • The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now


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