Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Glossy Eyed Sweetheart | The Hard Tomorrows

It's only natural to react in a state of excitement when one of your favorite bands releases new material. For the bands I hold dear to my heart here in NYC, I basically go ape shit when they send me new songs. But they aren't exactly "new" since I've seen them all perform them at least once a month.

So what would happen if those bands locked themselves in a room (without me) for nine months. Out pops a baby, or er, a song that I've never heard before. I had no idea what happened in those nine months, I didn't get any clue or progress, and all I got was a song. Ape shit would be an understatement.

So that's what happened to me yesterday. No, a band did not give birth, although that would have been interesting. If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you'll know that The Hard Tomorrows are a band I've been following since last spring. I fell in love with their 5-Song EP, not only as a whole effort, but each song was like it's own little gem. I played them over and over and over again. Chris from Gorilla Vs. Bear was a fan way back when as well. And I even included "Put Yourself Out" on my Top 25 (er 28) Songs of 2005.

And then that was all. No new material for nine months. I kept in touch with the guys, trying to plan DC/NYC shows, so I could finally check them out, but nothing ended up working out.

So you can imagine my surprise/shock/joy/head explosion yesterday when I got two new songs AND two NYC dates. I almost fell of my chair, just with pure excitement. And then I heard the songs. I was a little put off at first, it seemed so different from my quiet melodic indie rock I loved from their EP. This is a lot more in your face, but with each listen, I understood the development. It makes sense. And it's quite fantastic.

The Hard Tomorrows upcoming shows:
Feb 23 2006 9:00P, DC9, Washington , DC
Feb 26 2006 9:00P, Bossa (Rob Acoustic), Washington, DC
Mar 27 2006 9:00P, Black Cat, Washington , DC
Mar 29 2006 9:00P, Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY
Apr 8 2006 8:00P, Rockwood Music Hall (Rob acoustic), New York, NY
Apr 15 2006 8:00P, Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY

Apr 22 2006 9:00P, DC9 Washington DC, DC

And now, the cause of my head explosion:

  • The Hard Tomorrows - Glossy Eyed Sweetheart
  • The Hard Tomorrows - Stop and Shoot
  • The Hard Tomorrows - Put Yourself Out (from 5 Song EP, buy here)

    Their currently untitled full-length debut will be ready for us in May. Plus, you can check them out in the next issue of Underrated.


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