Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Monday Monday | Tegan and Sara

Monday Mix, enjoy:

  • Tegan and Sara - Monday Monday Monday
    A perfect track to start off the week from my favorite indie chicks. This track is off their 2002 album If It Was You. There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that there is music like Tegan and Sara for the hopeless romantics to listen

  • Oh No! Oh My! - I Love You All The Time
    This track is almost as strange as this bands name. I completely embrace that insanity. Who knew that you could mix an acoustic guitar with a dance beat, and have it work so effortlessly? I feel like I should be back in London listening to this song, dancing up a storm. Those UK kids are so much cooler.

  • The Good Fight - Cancer
    My brother would kill me if he knew that I was posting this (I doubt he reads my blog anyway), but I found it this weekend and forgot how much I loved it! This is from one of his bands, a demo version of a song they recorded. He was always in bands while we were growing up, and I loved going to see him scream until his veins popped out. This was one of the less-intense songs that really let his voice shine (at least in my opinion). My brother has since sold out to Corporate America. Damn the man!

  • Youth Group - The Frankston Line
    I still listen to the Youth Group album, Skeleton Jar all the time. It has the ability to completely calm me down. I love this song for the pure movement of it all. I want to take a road trip with the windows down and this album blasting. I need a car, so who's in?

  • Beat Radio - Elegy
    This is a new version of the fabulous demo, off of the forthcoming EP, The Ecstatic. I still enjoy the rawness of the original demos that took over the blogosphere, but this one in particular I think benefited from a real recording. They are playing a big show this Wednesday at Hiro Ballroom with. Grand National (UK) and DJ Cam. Beat Radio goes on at 9:30. Get tickets here.

  • The Knife - Still Light
    Thanks to Chris, we have another track from the always-oddly-fantastic band The Knife. This one hardly compares to the wonder that is "Heartbeats" but I still like it. A bit on the creepy side, but in a sugar-coated kind of way. Their new EP Silout Shout is Pitchfork approved (with an 8.6) and you can pre-order it here.

  • Guillemots - We're Here
    Yet another British band for you to buzz about, Guillemots is one of the most intreiging. I've been listening to them for months now, unsure of a solid opinion. Every song is so different. This one really throws me. But it's fantastical, hinting on some old-school Kinks. It's a wonderful thing where you find a band that can produce an eclectic range of songs and still keep your attention.

  • Maximo Park - Stay
    It's no secret I'm a huge Maximo Park fan. "Stay" was one of my favorite tracks off of their excellent debut album. Field Music has done a little bit of a remix and it's incredibly engaging. It has provided us with a completely new interpretation of the song, a little more swing-night, taking away the pounding drums, and instead, letting Paul Smith's vocals shine. The lyrics become front and center and all of a sudden you realize it wasn't the happy-go-lucky song you danced to. It's a bittersweet rendition, but I'm appreciative of anything this band puts forth.

  • Doves - There Goes The Fear
    Everything about the Doves is a quiet masterpiece. The band has crept along at a steady pace, entrancing those who have the chance to listen and fall in love. Their music itself is at times quiet and somber, but can attack you with just a note. This one is more of the attacking side, than the quiet side, and it's great to see this band attempt at letting loose. It's still incredibly beautiful like every other song on The Last Broadcast, their second album, and perhaps my favorite. Don't tell.

  • Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
    I get the strangest looks when I say I'm not the biggest Sufjan fan. I guess that doesn't fall into the indie-rock-blogger-type-persona. I don't think I really fit in that persona anyway. It's not that I don't think he's great, I just am not as obsessed as everyone else seems to be. But I keep listening, just because there has to be something behind all this hoopla. I enjoy, but again, don't fall off my chair. Don't hate me. I really like this song, ok?

  • Battle - Wicked Owl
    Another British band that is bound to blow up, I've been hearing about Battle on and off for a little here and there. Expect a huge explosion soon. Not only do they have a sound that could be compared to 100 other bands, but they add in their own edge and personality bringing it back to a accessible level. Plus, they are playing the Tarts of Pleasure pre-SXSW show at Rothko on March 13, so they're basically golden now. Right on.

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