Monday, March 20, 2006

Recap: SXSW Day Four

It got harder and harder to get up every day, but somehow I seemed to do it. We got up early (once again) to go to Chris and Garrison's Blogger Breakfast but unfortunately our cab driver had no idea where he was going and then it started to rain. Instead, Camille and I got breakfast at Iron Cactus (where else, seriously) and then headed over to the Blogger's Panel in the Convention Center. Besides two of the panelists I had to laugh at how ridiculous some of the comments were. I knew bloggers could be pretentious, but wow.

From there we headed to the NY2LON party. Everyone who I had met in the past three days seemed to congregate and the bloggers themselves owned a whole corner of the room. First up were The Rakes who were totally awesome. I had a bunch of tracks, but it was nothing compared to hearing the live. They are catchy, clever and executed perfectly by a lead singer who is manic and charming at the same time. If I wasn't so completely drained I'd totally go see them at Bowery tomorrow.

The Rakes:
The Rakes @ NY2LON Party (SXSW)

Then it was time. The buzz band of the weekend, the talk of the town, and my personal favorite discovery of 2005 took the stage. I had been waiting all weekend to see Tapes 'n Tapes and I witnessed a room that immediately became packed. We stood in the back of the room, on the couches and I had a grand ol' time singing along at the top of my lungs. I hope that the guy from the NY Times who was filming their set heard my wonderful voice. The set was short, but sweet, enough for me to make the boys promise they'd be back to NYC soon. They also informed me of a pretty hefty interview they were running off to that day. It's nothing compared to Underrated of course, but let's just say, it's a pretty big deal...

Tapes 'n Tapes:
Tapes 'n Tapes @ NY2LON Party (SXSW)

Next up was Voxtrot. This was the third time in four days. Need I say more?


Voxtrot @ NY2LON Party (SXSW)

One of my favorite albums of 2006 is What The Toll Tells by the fabulous Two Gallants. It was a treat to finally see this band live. It was dreamy, raw, and every kind of juxtaposition you could think of that makes no sense at all. And yet, it works. It's fantastically unique.

Two Gallants @ NY2LON Party (SXSW)

Wes was hungry so we decided to try somewhere else besides the Iron Cactus (gasp!) We ended up going to what we thought was a diner but turned out to be some local Austin seafood soiree where the table is your dish and utensils are non-existent. It was worth it just to see Wes squirm while trying to open a shrimp. He was pretty excited about his hammer though.

I opted out of the Fader Tent because of the line, which I later heard was a-mazing. Instead Amrit and I headed over to Iron Cactus (yes, I know) for some drinks (yes, margaritas for me). We chatted a bit before heading over to some tent out the outskirts for iForward, Russia!. I had liked their stuff I had downloaded before, and because they canceled their NYC shows I figured they were worth checking out. We got there a tad early and had to sit through some weird three piece band than only salvaged themselves with a really talented drummer. Anyway, iForward, Russia! were definitely interesting, but wasn't the blown away experience I anticipated. They are a bit too manic for my liking with a front man who I thought was going to choke himself numerous times from twirling around his microphone. It had some highlights for sure, but overall left me a bit disappointed. Cool drummer though. She rocked it.

iForward, Russia!:
iForward, Russia! @ Fox & Hound (SXSW)

My camera then ceased to live on but I checked out a bit of Battle before heading back to Sixth Street. They were pretty cool, with some catchy stuff. Worth a second viewing for sure. We walked back and caught a little bit of The Joggers too, but I wasn't feeling it. Perhaps by the end of the fourth day, I was a tad indie-rocked out. I met up with Wes who was checking out a Canadian hip-hop group. Although it's not really my specialty and I have nothing worthwhile to compare it with, it was definitely a lot of fun and the crowd totally loved it. It was a fun way to end my SXSW trip.

I then slept for one hour and got on a plane. Needless to say I'm still trying to recuperate. Give me until Friday, and then I'll be back and ready to see some live music again. My ears will appreciate it.

But wow, what a great experience. I will be much more efficient next year, but I had a lot of fun. It was great meeting everyone and seeing the wonderful city of Austin. I’ll be back next year without a doubt.

Back to your regular scheduled postings tomorrow...


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