Monday, March 20, 2006

Recap: SXSW Day Three

The third day started bright and early after very little sleep. Why did we get up so early? Why it was the 1st official Blogger's Brunch! Yes, we bloggers do get out sometimes and let the world know that we are attached to a web address when we introduce ourselves to eachother. It was fun meeting everyone and enjoying the free food and drink. It totally cured my hangover to start drinking, again.

Congrats to Chris aka Gorilla Vs. Bear for winning Blogger of the Year. Totally deserved!

I got to finally meet Rob of my favorite DC band, The Hard Tomorrows who hand delivered me some more tracks off their new album (ahem, out in May). Can't wait to see them perform live (ahem, Arlene's Grocery March 29). Rob and his friend The Gray Kid gave Jax and I a ride over to her Hell Ya! Day Party. I got to DJ for a little bit while Jax ran around, which made me excited. DJing is my new addiction, in case you weren't aware.

Off to a little bit of a late start, NYC's own Levy. I was with two New Yorkers who had never seen the band. Leave it for them to come all the way to Austin to finally see them. The band played one of their better sets of late, and the small crowd was really into it. James kept saying hi to Art Brut, who were not in attendance. I didn't get it. But anyway after they played I said my hello's to the band before jetsetting next door for some free drinks.

Levy @ Hell Ya! Party (SXSW)

Next door was the swanky Paste party where there was a much older crowd and an incredible buffet. I was still full from the brunch but Wes and Camille seemed to really enjoy it. We decided to stay for Jamie Cullum who I had never seen before, but instantly fell in love with. Have you seen this little boy perform? My goodness, he is adorable and has an incredible voice. It was really crazy the kind of stuff he did (jumping around the stage, banging on the piano, etc etc). He was definitely one of the pleasant surprise viewings of the festival for me.

Jamie Cullum:
Jamie Cullum @ Paste Party (SXSW)

One of my old roommates from NYU drove in from San Antonio so I took a couple hours off to catch up and drink up at my old stomping ground, the Iron Cactus. I'm not kidding when I said I went to this place at least twice a day for the margaritas. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I brought her back over to the Hell Ya! party where the blog squad had again collected for another set by the awesome known as Birdmonster. No blood this time, but damn these boys know how to rock it out.

Birdmonster @ Hell Ya! Party (SXSW)

I had to leave the set a bit early to walk over to the hotel that I was meeting Ramesh and Mitch from Voxtrot for the interview. It was short and sweet, and pretty typical. I think we were all pretty exhausted and excited about sitting down for a little bit. Even though I saw them three times in Austin, I'm already excited about them coming back to NYC. Not to mention their new EP out April 4.

After the interview I walked back over to Sixth Street to the Jane Party where Wes was raving about Nada Surf, a band I always have meant to see but never have. I caught the set from behind the fence (line was far too long) and was really digging it. A very polished band who obviously know what they are doing, Nada Surf will be around for the long haul.

Nada Surf:
Nada Surf @ Jane Party (SXSW)

Wes and I ventured back into the Iron Cactus where we ran into Amrit (truth is, we're stalking him) so I of course got another margarita. We then traveled the distance (10 minute walk) to the Stolen Transmission party. It was appropriately a very hip and swanky loft type space, complete with a backyard where I ended up watching some fireworks. Most of the time, I wasn't sure what city I was in, but this was not my expectation of Texas.

I finally got to see Nightmare of You after many failed attempts of catching them in NYC. I've had their album for months now and know virtually every word to every song, so it was a fun little drunken sing along for me. We ran into the super sweet Kevin Devine who was there for the show as well.

Nightmare of You:
Nightmare of You @ Stolen Transmission Party (SXSW)

We had to leave a bit early to walk back to Sixth Street where we went to Spiro's for some hometown support. I know you probably think I'm crazy for going to SXSW and seeing NYC bands, but I felt the need to support the ones I love. So yes, I probably missed the latest buzz band du jour or some crazy swedish/norwegian/punknewwave group that was probably playing some secret show. Sorry I wasn't there. The wonderful Jaymay was up first, and we walked in as she was playing my favorite track, "The One I Love." She showcased some new track off her latest EP too.

Jaymay @ Spirros (SXSW)

I had to support the Five O'Clock Heroes. They are my favs. I was a bit worried as the crowd was closer to the bar than the stage, but as soon as they started off with "White Girls" the crowd moved. And danced. I had never seen a crowd so into this band. You don't get that in NYC. So there! It was worth seeing them in Austin.

Five O'Clock Heroes:
Five O'Clock Heroes @ Spirros (SXSW)

I said a quick hello to the boys and found out this was their first show outside of NYC in the US. What a good way to start it off. Also ran into Justin and Nghia of Crackers United fame as we shared stories of the past two days. I caught a little bit of Soft, another band from NYC but whom I'd never seen play before. I love their recordings and was happy to see a very enthusiastic crowd dig their set.

Soft @ Spirros (SXSW)

Wes and I headed over to Bourbon Rocks because I told him I had to see Brian Jonestown Massacre play in the flesh. I've been wanting to see the craziness that is Anton Newcomb actually perform rather than see him run around the Lower East Side. We got there a bit late and it was already packed. A few songs in the crowd dispersed and I got a better view. It was very cool to see Irina Yalkowsky from the band Soft Explosions play with the band. She's awesome. Anton was up to his usual nonsense, playing long extended jams and bantering with the audience. It's kind of sad to see that it's become a farce. The music is great (when it’s not over 7 minutes) and he is talented. I won't go into any long rant, but let's just say I saw them and I'm not sure I need to see them again. Although it was quite entertaining when the sound guy was trying to get them off stage and Anton went and started playing the drums.

Brian Jonestown Massacre:
Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Bourbon Rocks (SXSW)

Excuse the purple lines from the last shots. The battery was dying, just like my energy. After BJM I called it a night, and passed out.


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