Monday, March 20, 2006

Recap: SXSW Day Two

Day Two was perhaps my favorite day. I had enough energy and wasn't up too early that I was able to rock out all day into the night. Once Wes arrived, we headed downtown to the Fader tent where Jose Gonzalez was starting his set. I was really excited to see him play live for the first time, but unfortunately the tent (along with the free boo's and lots of people) was not the best venue for him. His quiet melodies were drowned out by the crowd. Still, it was as beautiful as you can imagine, but now I feel like I have to see him in New York for the real experience.

Jose Gonzalez:
Jose Gonzalez @ Fader Tent (SXSW)

After Jose was my most anticipated act of the weekend, the boys of Birdmonster. If you aren't aware, I'm itching to get these boys to NYC, but lucky for me I got to travel to Austin and catch them live...finally. I hype up everything far too much in my mind, but lucky for me (and them) they totally outdid any of my expectations. I mean, come on, there was blood! The sun was shining, the beer was flowing. I was in heaven. And then the bloggers came out of their hiding as I finally met Chris, Ashley, Mark, and Dodge. Also in attendance were the boys of Tapes 'n Tapes. According to Josh, we now go "way back." So when they are rich and famous and I'm still behind my computer blogging away, they better remember me.

Birdmonster @ Fader Tent (SXSW)

After watching a bit of Eagles of Death Metal we decided to head out. I took the long trek to where the Diesel-U Party was being held. As aforementioned, Film School played a really short set (I'm seriously talking 10 minutes here). I was unsure of them before, and still unsure of them now. They didn't play long enough for me to form a real opinion.

Film School:
Film School @ Diesel-U Party (SXSW)

Spinto Band was up next and the place had begun to fill up. Free boo's always helps too. The Spinto Boys are so young and cute and their music is as attractive as they are. I still am upset they didn't play "Oh Mandy" but the set was the best I've seen them play. They know how to have fun on a stage. It's infectious.

Spinto Band:
Spinto Band @ Diesel-U Party (SXSW)

The blog squad made their way in by The Boy Least Likely To who were up next. I hadn't seen the band perform when they were in NYC last week, but had quite fond memories of when I caught them by accident in London this summer. In spite of some technical difficulties (the phrase of the weekend, I swear), they got the crowd dancing quickly. Jof Owens, the lead singer, is so funny with his hand motions but it's totally allowed in my book. Not many could get away with an act like this, but its the music (completely catchy and unique) that puts them as one of my favorites of the weekend.

The Boy Least Likely To:
The Boy Least Likely To @ Diesel-U Party (SXSW)

What do you know? I saw Voxtrot play, again. I never get tired of this band. They brought up a great guest vocalist for half of the set and our little crew had a good time singing along. I got to introduce myself to Ramesh and Jared after the sets, in preparation of the next day's interview. Super nice guys.

Voxtrot @ Diesel-U Party (SXSW)

Last but certainly not least was my boys Editors closing out the party. They always seem to play when I am highly intoxicated so that I can't remember a lot of the set but know for sure I have a really good time. I started up front with Amrit who was as blown away as I was with just how incredible this band is live. Then Wes and Camille showed up (post-Morrissey) so I headed to the back where I proceeded to dance, sing (and drink) my way through the end of the set. All I know was that it was fantastic.

Editors @ Diesel-U Party (SXSW)

We hung around a bit after the set, watching the DJs spin and drinking more of the free beer. Then Jared from Voxtrot was nice enough to let a bunch of us hop in the back of his truck and bring us back to Sixth Street (including the hysterical Aziz who I later gushed to while we waited on line at the ATM, and some, other cool cats). It was a crazy end to a fabulous day.

Driving back to Sixth Street


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