Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the darjeeling limited

Lately I feel more excited over the release of a film over an album. Perhaps its that the movie industry is still chained by release dates, opposed to albums that sort of end up on my desk months before they are released and I'm never even expecting them. There's a bunch of films I'm eagerly anticipating, with each new trailer another one added to the list. But thanks to Whitney, one has pushed its way to the top. The new Wes Anderson film entitled The Darjeeling Limited comes out late September, and from the look of the trailer, it's going to be nothing short of fantastic. But I suppose that's what we have come to expect from Mr. Anderson, whose quirky, heartfelt comedies always pack together my favorite actors and even better music. Second only to Cameron Crowe, there really isn't a film by this director I don't love. And something tells me it wont be changing any time soon.

Check out the trailer and see buddies Owen, Jason, and newcomer Adrien Brody on their bonding trip somewhere in the middle of the desert. Of course, much is left to be discovered but it has a fabulous Kinks song in the background, so I'm okay. And for the record, consider me excited.

The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow [via GvsB]


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