Saturday, August 11, 2007

you could do better if you tried.

Whoops. I forgot to update this thing all week. I blame being very busy at work, and if you haven't heard we announced the first round of bands at this year's CMJ Music Marathon, so get ready. It's gonna be nuts.

In the past week I have seen four movies: Simpsons, Harry Potter, Ratatouille, and a screening of Ethan Hawke's new flick The Hottest State (which deserves its own post, to come soon.) I floated around apartments again, I have about 3 weeks before I can move into my new one. That date cannot come soon enough. I played cards. I saw Daft Punk and the Rapture. And last night I saw five bands: Silent League, Ford & Fitzroy, Ra Ra Riot, Wakey!Wakey!, and Los Campesinos!. It was pretty spectacular.

And today? I'm off to London for a week. I've been told to actually take a vacation, so I'm going to try and lay off the computer as much as possible. My boyfriend, however, is a much better blogger than I am so visit his site for updates this week.

I'll be back soon.


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