Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rockets & Cars

Tis the last day of drinking illegally. Come midnight tonight, I will order my pint without hesitation and under my own name. It will be glorious.

Tomorrow, watch your mailboxes for the online release of Underrated Magazine. Make sure you find all the mistakes that I glanced over at 4 AM while editing. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And while I am eagerly awaiting the print versions to arrive (god help us if they don't), I honestly think I will take one glance at it and that will be all. This one was a painful process, and although I'm extremely proud of all my writers and the magazine as a whole, I can't bring myself to look at it anymore.

But you are excited, because you have yet to see it! You can come back here tomorrow for the link to download as well. Seriously though, I would appreciate any feedback: good, bad, and yes, even the ugly. And do come out on Thursday, because it's going to be an incredible show and I'll be drunk. So what else do you need in life?

After an acoustic set by Dave Lear and a riveting performance by This Radiant Boy, New York's own Rockets & Cars will take the stage. I hear there may be go-go dancers, and a bunch of other surprises. So watch out, these guys will rock it...and hard.

Excerpt from their feature in Issue Six:

Both rockets and cars evoke images of fast-paced action and energy – just like the band. Their clever lyrics and catchy tunes have landed in the United States and internationally, and are not looking to slow down.

In 2004, New York’s own Rockets & Cars headed over to the UK, a move that kicked off a whirlwind of critical praise. The UK-based publication, Black Velvet Magazine, told Europe to “keep your eyes and ears open for these guys.” It was exciting and enlightening – though hundreds of miles away from home, the band was starting to take off.

For new artists, radio stations in the UK condition the audience to be more receptive. This is unlike the commercial radio in the States, where the playlists are comparatively smaller and fewer new artists are featured. Rockets & Cars, which consists of TJ Rosenthal on the rhythm guitar and vocals, Dominick Leon on the bass guitar, Jeremy Stephens on the lead guitar and Gary Calzaretta on the drums are beginning to realize that there’s a world of difference between the two countries.

“People [in the UK] seem so much more open and receptive,” said bassist Dominick Leon. “Even if they don’t know you, they are willing to listen and give you a chance.”

“More chances are taken on the radio and the range seems wider in the UK. Listeners get more of a chance to hear brand new bands and are more apt to be patient in a club with an act whose songs they’ve never heard before,” said Rosenthal.

Rockets & Cars has played shows in the UK, and here at home. Shows at Mercury Lounge and the Manhattan Room have helped crowds catch on to their sound. The band recently played at Arlene’s Grocery for the Tsunami Relief Benefit, which was a band favorite, but they are still waiting for the big night.

“We haven’t had our best show yet. We have been building up to something and it’s coming,” said Stephens.

Rockets & Cars take the stage at 9:30.

MP3's (right click, save as)
  • Rockets and Cars - The Protest
  • Rockets and Cars - Johnny's Just A Kid
  • Rockets and Cars - Was That You Laughing

  • Monday, May 30, 2005

    This Radiant Boy

    Happy Memorial Day everyone. We are having a beautiful day here in NJ, so I'm going to post early so I can sit out in the sun. I'll be thinking about the two days I have left of being underage, and then a crazy party on Thursday. Up after Dave Lear will be Philly's own This Radiant Boy. The last addition to our lineup, but hardly the least. They will represent our "Tourist" section of Issue Six (alongside Seth Kallen, Snowden, Maximo Park, and The Futureheads..just to name a few). Enjoy an except from the very entertaining interview I conducted with them, as well as some tunes.

    Adam Herndon, bass player of Philadelphia’s This Radiant Boy never has to pee until the second their van is stuck in traffic in the Holland Tunnel or on the BQE. “It’s like pee or die,” says Herndon. By the time they reach the city, he’ll have a water bottle full and the rest of his band, including lead singer Mike Guggino, nauseous. With shows all over the east coast playing with acts like Mates and States and Ted Leo, the six-piece band has released a full-length album on their own record label, and recently completed their creative rock and pop filled EP.

    Who is the radiant boy?
    Herndon: It’s actually named after some ghost story from a castle in England, a person who sees the radiant boy specter rises to a position of great power and wealth, only to later die a horrible death. Mike can explain it better.
    Guggino: I saw this episode of Sightings when I was getting to second base with my girlfriend. It stopped me in mid-boob and I was like, ‘damn, that is an interesting story.’

    What don’t we know about This Radiant Boy?
    Herndon: We’re a lot more badass than people think. Sometimes at rest stops we have races. Running races. Yeah, so everybody, don’t fuck with us. Also, I’m trying to curse a lot more, so watch your kids around me.
    Guggino: We love to play dominos and will challenge anyone to a game because we are the best. Domino motherfucker!

    This Radiant Boy will take the stage at 8:30 PM.

    MP3's (Right Click, Save As)
  • This Radiant Boy - I Miss Ole Miss
  • This Radiant Boy - We Can Pretend
  • This Radiant Boy - Sunshine Cadets

  • Sunday, May 29, 2005

    Musical Baton

    Wow! Since when have my neighbors become so hip? Now they are playing The Decemberists. Perhaps I should go introduce myself.

    Because I can't break the chain, and because I have nothing better to do with my life on this Sunday afternoon, I am passing on the musical baton. Thanks to Dan for passing it to me!

    01. Total amount of music files on your computer?
    37.2 GB. No wonder it's so slow.

    02. The last CD you bought was?
    Bought hmm. I am thankful to receive albums in the mail, the last one was Cheeseburger's Gang's All Here EP. But I believe the last album I actually purchased was the new Beck.

    03. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
    "Accidental Beauty" - My Victoria

    04. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
    Well, according to my top 25 on iTunes:
    "Trial of the Century" - French Kicks
    "Put Yourself Out" - The Hard Tomorrows
    "Stay The Night" - Five O'Clock Heroes
    "Lover I Don't Have to Love" - Bright Eyes
    "Banquet" - Bloc Party

    05. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?
    Chris - hooks me up with some great new tunes
    Nora - similar taste in music and fellow supporter of the locals
    Karen - because i'm a dimwit and just recently realized I know her!

    Don't drop it now.

    Here We Go

    I'm incredibly hungover. Jersey parties, man -- they'll do it to you. Right now I hear The Shins coming from my neighbor's backyard, and I'm impressed. Usually they have crappy top 40 songs that are played over and over again at 8 AM on a Sunday morning and I want to scream out my window. But today, it's later, and it's good. But I digress...

    Friday night I made it to 2 shows. I sort of expected I wouldn't make it to everything. I think New York should plan out these things accordingly. Make shows go later in the night, until, say, 3 in the morning so us folks can see more. If I had gone to Mercury before Bowery for Snowden, I think I would have made it back in time for The Wrens. But instead, I got to see Morningwood play for the first time. They make me wish I was in a band.

    I would have pictures to show you from the shows, but I lost my ATM card (somehow) and didn't have money to buy batteries for my camera. I should try and not lose things all the time.

    We are mere days away from the long-awaited release of Issue Six. Today kicks off the preview of Thursday night's show. First up will be Dave Lear playing a special acoustic set to open up the show. Here's an excerpt from his feature in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

    Dave Lear is torn between living on the upper east side of Manhattan and eating all the Fruit Loops he wants, or living the life of the artistic musician. After the breakup of his alt-country rock band The Humbuckers, Lear went into a funk, musically and financially.

    “It was a doomed venture,” Lear explained over brunch in the East Village. “It was a tumultuous time for me, but luckily I came out on the other end.”

    That end is his solo debut, Mr. Sunshine, his collaboration with producer and friend George Dugan. It was Dugan who took Lear out of a seven-year rut with the news that some of his old Humbuckers songs had been resurrected with radio airplay in Missouri, and that people were interested in buying the songs. This was enough to spur Lear to call him back a few weeks later to record some of the hundreds or so songs he had laying around.

    “Knowing a golden opportunity when I saw one, I coyly suggested that I might be able to fit him into my ‘busy Winter recording schedule’” Dugan explained. Lear went to Dugan’s studio in Washington Heights and played an acoustic session of songs that he had written in the hiatus since the breakup of his last band. He started playing, and according to Lear, a spirit entered the room.

    “I felt like I was making art again, and I was inspired. I wasn’t trying to rip anything off, it was something completely different.” But the next step was more difficult. Lear and Dugan toyed around the idea of what to do with the surprising recordings. Lear contemplated throwing his artistic integrity out the window and imagined a life without gigs; just selling songs and getting them on television shows on the WB. But while they were figuring it out, they recorded over forty songs and it was the first time Lear thought of the idea of a solo album.

    Mr. Sunshine took over a year to record and borders on white-soul-folk-country-rock. When the album was finished, neither Dugan nor Lear knew exactly what they had created....

    Read the rest of the article on Dave Lear, plus features on The GoStation, Maximo Park, Rockets & Cars, The Futureheads, and more on Wednesday. Subscribe to the free magazine here.

    Dave Lear opens the show at 7:30 PM.

    MP3's (right click, save as)
  • Dave Lear - Country of Rain
  • Dave Lear - Thief of Hearts
  • Dave Lear - Party Disguise

  • Friday, May 27, 2005

    Plus One

    Add this to your to do list tonight:

    PS at Crash Mansion, with Jason Brody and The Good North, plus Nora will be DJing
    9:00 PM, Free

  • PS - Spelling

    No way will I make it to everything tonight, but I sure as hell am gonna try.

    Right now I'm streaming the new Oasis album. Better than I remembered it. Listen here. (thanks to stereogum)

    Good news! The sun is out and the magazine will be overnighted on Tuesday to be back (just) in time for the show. Phew.

    God it feels good to be back in the swing of things.

  • It's Friday, I'm In Love

    Rachael has made her triumphant return into Manhattan. It feels wonderful. The sun is out, I'm off to the park, and I've got a great lineup of shows for the evening. Tomorrow, I'm back to Jersey for some "Usual" craziness, a weekend long party out by the pool and the debut of the new beerpong table. I'm so ready to lose, like whoa.


    El Jezel at Luna Lounge (yes, it's still open, but not for much longer)
    8:30 PM, Free!

  • El Jezel - Je Devenir

    The Wrens at Bowery Ballroom, with Morningwood, Army of Me, & Say Hi To Your Mom
    8:00 PM, Sold Out
  • The Wrens - Boy You Wont
  • Army of Me - Saved Your Life

    Snowden at Mercury Lounge, with Mixel Pixel, Koester, and Brant Bjork & The Bros
    10:30 PM, $10
  • Snowden - Chin Up
  • Snowden - Victim Card

    And because it's the weekend....
  • Death Cab For Cutie - It's Friday, I'm In Love (cover)

    Happy Memorial Day...pray for sun!

  • Thursday, May 26, 2005

    Rejection is Sweeeeet

    Pitched to the NY Times....

    rejected by the NY times.

    Things could be worse, I guess?

    Added MP3s for the day, because I am feeling so generous...unlike some people.

  • The Futureheads - Decent Days & Nights (live)
  • The English Department - Barrel Fever
  • Kings of Leon - Trani
  • Maximo Park - The Coast Is Always Changing
  • Hot Hot Heat - Shame On You

    Coming NEXT WEEK:
    Big big things. Starting Sunday, each day will feature one of the artists appearing at the Issue Six Release Party NEXT THURSDAY. This will all lead up to the online release of Underrated Magazine Issue Six on Wednesday (and my birthday, in case you didn't know) and then the big party Thursday night where you can pick up your free hard-copy.

    You can't wait. You are canceling all your plans next Thursday night. You are going to tell all your friends. I knew it all along...

  • I Never Write Anyone

    Job situation looks cloudy, much like this weather. Where is summer, I ask?

    My friend Mikey went to see Jupiter One last night at Tribeca, and texted me during the show to tell me what I was missing. Although I was upset he would even think to text me during the 2 hour seasion finale of Lost, after the show I did a little search to see what exactly I was missing.

    Jupiter One, from Brooklyn, is sort of electronica meets dirty Brit rock with some Japanese influence on the side. It's quite interesting. I didn't think you could get catchy from crazy, but they seem to nail it with what I was able to hear so far. Apparently they were superb live. I'll have to check them out next time they come to town. Their EP will be released this summer, and here's two songs that I found from the upcoming release.

    MP3s (Right Click, Save As)
  • Wrong Line
  • Summer Song

    And because-I-was-such-a-slacker-yesterday Bonus MP3s
  • Coldplay - Speed Of Sound (Live from SNL)
  • Coldplay - Fix You (Live from SNL)
  • The Hard Tomorrows - Stay Cool
  • The Hard Tomorrows - I Never Write Anyone
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Live from Spin)
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Born To Be A Dancer (Live from Spin)
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and Over Again (Lost & Found)

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    One Week

    Sorry for the lack of post today, I have a to-do list up the wazoo that I'm trying to get done asap. Number one on the list? Find a job. Quick. That will only last for about a month before I leave for London. Any suggestions?

    Just finished watching Lost. Holy crap. That show is pure genius. I'm going to be hypothesizing all summer now, thanks J.J. Abrams. Who the hell were those guys on the boat and why do they want Walt? Where does that ladder lead to? Is the crazy French lady really crazy? When will the big good vs. evil battle arrive, and which side are Locke and Jack on? Oh my head is spinning just thinking about it. Yeah, I know, not about music, but that show is just fantastic.

    Oh yeah, I had to change the layout. I get bored easily. We'll see how long this one lasts.

    One week from today I will be 21. Watch out.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2005

    Bite that Apple

    I miss New York. It's only been a few days, but I am lost without my city. What am I going to do once I go to London? I suppose I'll survive. And because I miss my city and because I'm supposed to be the advocate for local bands, or something, we'll feature some hometown heroes that are making waves these days.

    Cut The Wires
    I received this album awhile ago and keep hearing great things about this band, but haven't had the time to give it proper listen. Now that all I seem to have is time on my hands, I believe the hype lives up. I read this in In Sound a little while ago, and thought it was great:

    You already love Cut The Wires. Even if you don't love their NYC surroundings, you love them. You love their muscular rhythm section joining jagged surgical-strike guitar to form a dense yet agile sound, the sonic equivalent of sumo wrestlers pulling off Swan Lake. "So Long, So What" is a little bit trashy and a lot bit pop, and you dig that. You love the little wiggles you see out of your fellow clubgoers when they hear it, and you can't help but join them. You love this band.

    They sum it up much better than I ever could, so take a listen:
  • So Long, So What
  • Antisocial
  • I Hold On

    Country Club
    It's been commonly said that flattery will win yourself into anyone's heart, and yes, it is true. So when I received a hand written letter quoting one of my editorials accompanied to their EP, I couldn't help but be enamored. Of course, it didn't hurt that the music rocked my socks off as well. Country Club mixes all sort of instruments together for its jam band meets rock and roll sound that I can only imagine translates perfectly on stage. You can catch them June 11 at Mercury when they officially release the EP Friends Don't Make Forearms. Here's a little sneak-peak.
  • Have It
  • Pretty Little Suicide
  • View Master

    The Five O'Clock Heroes
    I've talked about this band enough for you to know the deal by now (see below). I can't seem to stop listening to them. Is there some sort of hidden message, I wouldn't be surprised. However after I saw them at Warsaw, all I wanted to do was see them again. I'm bummed I'll miss then when they come back to New York this July. I'm seriously addicted. You should go see them for me. And then I could be considered a drug dealer. How scandalous.
  • Head Games
  • Stay The Night
  • Anyone Home

    The Upwelling
    The boys have been laying low recently due to some lineup changes, but fear not, they are coming back to a venue near you in a few weeks. Thanks to yours truly, I got my favorite unreleased track back up on their website. Check out "Worthy Enemy" and listen to the rest of the tracks while you are there. I'm pretty sure I'm bordering on psychotic according to them, and I'm shocked at my ability to prove myself otherwise. I guess it's all in the love for music...or something like that. They play Southpaw on June 8 and Mercury Lounge June 22.
  • Check out The Upwelling tracks here.

    I slept for 12 hours last night, that's not normal. Get me back to the city that never sleeps pronto.

  • Bridge & Tunnel

    I feel so out of the loop here in good ol Jersey. Yesterday was spent driving around aimlessly listening to music, just to have something to do. It's funny, this whole year kicked me in the ass, without a second to breathe most of the time, and now here I am, without a thing in the world to do. Honestly, it scares me. I'm without job because my boss suddenly was called for jury duty, and that scares me the most. Money is becoming a dire issue. So what was my answer to that problem? Poker. I was up $30 at one point last night, and then all the beer started to kick in. At 4 in the morning, I lost the $10 I put in and was drunk. Welcome to New Jersey.

    With that said, I apologize if I am not all that exciting with this posts. I'll try and put together some mp3s later today, lord knows I'll have nothing to do. I won't be going to any shows until I make the trek back into the city on Friday for some crazy show hopping: El Jezel, Snowden, and The Wrens, oh my! Hopefully that will give me the good kick in the butt I need. But remember, this is all in preparation for next week's craziness. I'm shocked it's actually almost here. Oh and the god forsaken printers that are out to give me a nervous breakdown? Keep your fingers crossed that they will come through in time. And if not, well, you can expect me to be quite the alcoholic.

    In honor of my worthlessness in suburbia, here's The Honorary Title's fab song: Bridge and Tunnel (mp3, right click save as).

    I'll improve later, I promise.

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    Forever Young

    Wow, just had a mini-meltdown right there. See that little countdown over to your right? Yes, that’s right. It is single digits until my birthday, officially, but that also means just days away from unveiling Issue Six at our show at Tribeca. Everything was sent to the printer weeks ago, but they decide to call me TODAY to tell me that text is too close to the border, and that I have to upload everything again. When I asked if it was going to be back to me in time, I was put on hold, and now I'm waiting for a phone call back. Funny, I had a dream last night that I received back all the copies of the magazine and they looked terrible. This is just great. Just great.

    Prior to this news, things were quite nice. I'm enjoying a couple days back at the parent's house in Jersey. Caught Hot Hot Heat on Friday for a surprisingly entertaining show (must be the hair). Of course I was late, like usual, and missed Robbers on High St. The weekend was spent with a lot of family time, which can usually be a bit too much, but I survived. Last night I was watching Gray's Anatomy and it was the second week in a row that they played a song by my favorite feisty female, Nellie McKay.

    Nellie McKay was on the cover of our third issue, and hands-down one of the coolest people to interview. It was refreshing, for me, after being scared out of my mind for most interviews, to talk to someone my own age, and experiencing the same self-doubt. Since we chatted, Miss McKay has gone on to be critically acclaimed in basically every music magazine in the country, and will star in a movie and a Broadway show opposite Alan Cummings next year. Not to shabby for someone who isn't 21 yet either.

    Nellie McKay is prepping to release her new album this fall. It will be the follow-up to her double disc debut, the sensational Get Away From Me. In the meantime, you can check out this New York gal play at Irving Plaza alongside Cyndi Lauper and Natalie Merchant on May 23 for The Concert to Benefit the Friends of Theresa Fund. I think McKay just may be the savior for female vocalists of our generation. She's definitely the most unique artist I've heard, mixing crafty and cheeky outspoken lyrics, with her Doris Day, girl next-door voice. Check her out for yourself:

  • Nellie McKay - David
  • Nellie McKay - Inner Peace
  • Nellie McKay - Dog Song (Live)
  • Nellie McKay - It's A Pose (Live)

  • Friday, May 20, 2005

    Come On

    What a miserable day. Not only is it raining, but the paycheck I had been waiting for 2 weeks was a lot less than anticipated. That -27 dollars in my bank account isn't going to be satisfied. Oh well.

    Ok, must look on the bright side of things, so Happy Friday everyone. Tonight I head off to see Robbers on High Street and Hot Hot Heat play at Webster Hall. A big congrats goes out to my brother who graduates from Villanova University this weekend (better late then never right?) Here's the mix I'll be driving to Philly to (compiled from various blogs/insound/etc) My computer finally comes back from the hospital this weekend, yay! I bet if you right click, and save as, these end up on your computer. Or so I hear...

  • The Shout Out Louds - Very Loud
  • Ambulance Ltd - Country Gentlemen
  • Battle - Tendency
  • Brendan Benson - Me Just Purely
  • Tegan & Sara - When You Were Mine (cover)
  • The Editors - Munich
  • Okkervil River - For Real
  • Great Lake Swimmers - I Will Never See The Sun
  • The Wrens - I Guess We're Done
  • Kevin Devine - No Time Flat
  • Bishop Allen - Little Black Ache
  • Dirty Lives - Love As Laughter
  • Meneguar - House of Cats
  • Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere
  • The Sun - Must Be You
  • Stephen Malkmus- Baby C'mon
  • Snowden - Time of the Season (cover)
  • Starflyer 59 - Good Sons
  • The Sights - Circus
  • Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire
  • The Redwalls - Universal Blues
  • Babyshambles - Do You Know Me

  • Tick Tock

    And so it goes...I listen to a band, do extensive research, go see them play live, and then interview them. The order could be jumbled, but that's usually how it goes. Last night I met up with Antony Ellis and Elliot Thompson, two ever so delightful members of that band I've been talking about, The Five O'Clock Heroes. This was the first time I think I've ever gone in completely blind. No bio, no background. I've only listen to their EP Head Games a billion times, and caught them on Tuesday at Warsaw. If anything, I knew these guys could write a catchy songs that stay in my head for days. But on the walk over to the bar on Avenue B I began to feel a bit nervous that I wasn't prepared. I always get a pit in my stomach before any interview. However, as soon as I sat down, and began sipping my cranberry and vodka, everything just seem to fly by swimmingly.

    To say I was taken by these boys is an understatement. The charm of UK meets America oozed out of these two strapping young fellas. I heard all about the tour that brought them all over the UK, what they wished they could have in their riders, and how everything in their band has seemed to move forward in baby steps. Antony divulged that during the recording of Head Games his voice was getting strained, so he ran two blocks to the nearest bar for six shots of whisky. The entire EP was recorded in one day, so time was of the essence. Luckily he was given a 'to go' cup to drink on the run back to the studio. By the time he made it back, he was drunk. The takes didn't make the final cut, but one day we can only hope there will be a box set of Antony's drunken sessions. Or something. But what about those catchy hits? "I just want to write something that will be remembered," he said. "And not a cheeseball," he added, in that ever so swoonworthy British accent. You can read all about the boys in the next next issue of Underrated out in September.

    For me, this was the first time I didn't say anything completely stupid in an interview. There's always that one comment I'll make usually where a band or musician will give me a strange look, and I'll lose any credibility I had swindled my way of convincing them beforehand. This time, I managed to make two hours without looking stupid. Hooray!

    Anyways, do yourself a favor and watch their very cool video for their latest single, "Head Games" that will be released this fall in the UK to coincide with the release of the EP here in the States. They boys left today for their headlining tour overseas but will be back in July. And watch out, in due time...these guys are going to be huge.

    MP3s -- reposted, I'll get you new ones next week I swear (right click, save as)
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Run To Her
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Turn It Up

  • Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Once A Brit, Always a Brit

    I feel bad that I've been rambling a lot lately, and not posting any mp3s. So here we go, in honor of the fact that 4 weeks from today I'll be on a plane heading home. Yes my official home country is England, although I haven't been there for a good ten years now. But I'm stoked. So here's some good Brits and then some other random songs I've been listening to, just for you Yankees.


  • Echo & The Bunnymen - Crystal Days
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Caroline, Yes
  • The Doves - Snowden
  • Bloc Party - Helicopter
  • The Kinks - Misty Water
  • The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives
  • Longview - When You Sleep
  • Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine

  • Nothing Else Compares

    I had never been so close to greatness before in my life.

    I'll try not sounding like a 13-year old girl who could reach out her hand and touch Chris Martin (oh my!), but last night's taping for "Live Leak" was surreal. The hour and a half waiting period was worth it. It followed by an 8-song set by the boys with the usual British banter, a couple re-dos, and a lot of MTV-inspired cheers. But the experience was enlightening on a couple levels:

    1. Coldplay is the most down to earth band I've seen. You wouldn't think the biggest band in the world would be the nicest band in the world. Numerous times Martin asked us if we were okay, if we were having fun. He thanked the guy fixing his mic, he thanked the camera guy, and he seemed genuinely concerned of everyone’s well being.
    2. MTV is not as bad as I make them out to be. They let me in after all...
    3. If you say it's your birthday, you'll get a kiss from Chris Martin that will give him shivers. Dammit, my birthday is 13 days away, I should have spoke up.
    4. X&Y is meant to be played live. The songs last night second time around were more impressive. "Til Kingdom Come" was the highlight, and "What If" gained new appreciation. Didn't play "Twisted Logic," sort of a bummer.
    5. You can compare listening to an album to having sex, according to Martin. The first time, not so great, but gets better.
    6. No matter how many times you have heard "Clocks," there is no substitute to seeing Chris Martin pounding on the piano steps in front of you. I...was....speechless.

    Catch the show June 6 when it airs on MTV, and you can see for yourself. Also make sure to look for the girl on the left who looks like an idiot, and that will be me.

    Today I interview The Five O'Clock Heroes. This week is fairing out quite well.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Out With The Old, In With The New

    It's that time again, spring cleaning. I've been prepping my apartment for weeks now, thinking of what I should keep, what I can donate, what should basically be just thrown away. I have a hard time parting with anything. Especially when it comes to bands.

    Without being malicious or even pointing fingers, let's just say that I decided today that I had to give up a band. Indefinitely. And I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about everything, but there has to come a point where you take a step back and ask yourself if it has all been worth it. I had such high hopes from the beginning. But somewhere along the line, things got shady. I ended up feeling like an idiot most of the time and grew tired of hearing excuses. I can only take so much. I am human after all, but I'm not dumb. One part editor, another part fan, I had to draw the line somewhere. Too bad their music is so god damn good. (Ahh, I'm so weak. I don't know if I'm ready...just yet...)

    But as the title suggests, we are out with the old, and in with the new. Last night I finally checked out The Five O'Clock Heroes over in Brooklyn at Warsaw, opening up for The Bravery. I have been meaning to see this guys for awhile now, their EP Head Games has been on heavy rotation (okay repetition) since I first got my hands on it. Scheduling conflicts, deadlines, etc has delayed me, but I made it. And I was immediately taken.

    These guys have it. They've got the presence, they've got the songs, and it doesn't hurt to have the look as well. I found myself not really able to take my eyes away from the stage, and even more impossible to stand still. There are few bands that on stage can exert that sort of energy that permeates through a pure rock song. Maybe it's their England meets New York background. Maybe they just can't help themselves. But last night, The Five O'Clock Heroes got it dead on.

    I'm interviewing the boys tomorrow for the cover story of the next issue out in September, so I'll let you know how that goes on Friday. I didn't stick around to see The Bravery (I'm sure you are all upset -- be nice) because I had to jet set back into Manhattan to hear the new Oasis album. In spite of the absurdly $7 priced beers, and an interesting crowd, from what I heard of the album, I was pretty satisfied. Matt GoStation was there, and he's given the whole album a listen. Not the big sound he wanted from Oasis, but he's got some favorite tracks already. I'll have to give it a full listen when it hits stores May 31.

    Well friends, tonight is THE night. Chris Martin and the rest of the boys of Coldplay will be a few feet in front of me, playing their hearts out. I'm sure it will be wonderful. I am missing Mando Diao and Crystal Skulls for this. But hey trust me, I'm not complaining. This band is one I'm holding onto for a little bit longer.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Mission: Coldplay

    Well folks, I have heard it, and it is beautiful. Yesterday I was the first (non-press of course) to listen to the new Coldplay album X&Y as part of a new series MTV will be airing called "Live Leak." Instead of just posting a new album on the MTV.com website, they'll find big fans bring them in to listen to it, and then have a live performance from the band. All this will look like one day on the show, but yesterday was the first part, and tomorrow will be the performance. The album was impressive and ambitious, and for all you Coldplay fans out there, I stealthily snuck out my notes from the listening session, so read on to hear my track by track breakdown.

    First off, let me say that I am not meant to be on TV. I brought my hometown gal and uber Coldplay fan, Jen, as my plus one and she's much better at doing the whole camera thing. Makes sense, since she is WQAQ’s News gal. When we first arrived, a very non-MTV2 guy asked us if we'd be part of an MTV2 show called "The Playlist" or something to that effect. Basically this is what we had to do: "Hey Coldplay, I think you guys are awesome, BUT the top three favorite (insert category here) bands that are on my playlist right now are, (band #1), (band #2), aaaaaaaaaand...(pause) (band #3). Basically Coldplay is supposed to guess your third band. Those MTV guys are genius.

    Jen, the future MTV Vee-jay, about to do her segment:

    (by the way, you can all hate my friend Jen because not only did she come with me yesterday and will come to the 80 person show tomorrow, she gets to see the Beacon Theater Coldplay show tonight as well.)

    So Jen's category was favorite Irish Musicians (U2, Damien Rice....aaaaand....The Corrs) while I opted to give some free publicity to my favorites, by doing my favorite New York bands. I had to my segment a couple times, because apparently I'm not enthusiastic enough, reason why I should never be on TV. So this was my claim to fame:
    "Hey Coldplay, welcome to MY hometown! While you are here you should check out MY top three favorite New York bands, The Walkmen, The French Kicks...aaaaaaand.......Interpol."

    The MTV2 guy asked me why I didn't say The Strokes and I gave him a dirty look. I wouldn't be surprised if my little segment ends up on the cutting room floor. Thus began my excitement mixed with a lot of side comments about how ridiculous MTV is.

    So we finally made it upstairs and we had to check in all of our electronic devices. I was given two cubby holes cause I'm that cool. They gave us these snazzy folders with the odd artwork of X&Y and inside was THE WORST press release I've ever read, a track listing, notebook, and a pen (which we MUST return, they were very adamant, lord knows they can't afford any new Bic pens). I've read terrible press releases, but this one had to be the worst. Jen kept telling me to shush because I was screaming out lines and profanities. But the word "cheese" was most used most frequently.

    So the 30 or so of us were brought to a room with a long colored table and state of the art chairs (which you can also find in the NYU library, surprise surprise). With MTV execs and Capitol Records folk looming over, and cameras in our face, I sat back, relaxed and gave this album a justified listen.

    Without further adieu, X&Y:

    1. "Square One" - Not the powerful opener I wanted like "Politik" did for the last album, but sets the stage. Expect epic Coldplay from this album. It's big, it's layered, it's meant to be played live. None of the songs are as initially catchy as previous albums, and this one is its best example. It plays around with a lot of electronics through the guitars and drums, and Martin's voice itself. You'll hear a repeated structure in all of the songs, starts out simple, rises to a big bang, and then brings it back down. I liked, but wasn't duelly impressed yet.

    2. "What If" - Ah, my piano ballad. I smiled. This is Coldplay at my favorite. Stripped down, raw, emotional. Could definitely be a single, it's along the same lines as "In My Place" or even "The Scientist." You'll also notice a very specific order in the album. It basically goes from big number to small. This is the polar opposite of "Sqaure One" and it's an interesting contrast throughout.

    3. "White Shadows" - Okay people, Coldplay has gone 80's. Not that 80's though, think big hair 80's. But this is definitely has the highest production sound to it. Much more guitars than keyboards, and it's dark and yet still catchy. This is the first time we hear organs and synthesizers, which leads perfectly into the next song.

    4. "Fix You" - A long organ drone introduces one of my favorite tracks from the album (you may have heard it on that little show, The OC). This is a great ballad that keeps with the epic proportions of the other songs. They mixed organs and acoustic guitars, and layered with Martin's voice creates something quite extraordinary. I had chills listening to it.

    5. "Talk" - Looking at my notes, I actually wrote "Where's Bono?" U2 has a rival for biggest band in the world, and this song could easily easily been written by the Irish lads. The guitars are on par with Edge (not kidding) and I would love to hear Bono try and take on Martin's part. It has that same rise and fall that Bono has perfected. Jen thinks one day Coldplay and U2 will go on tour together. I'd be there.

    6. "X&Y" - Quite a curve ball, especially as a title track. It's off beat musically, and is mysteriously trippy. It has definite movement.

    7. "Speed of Sound" - I'm sure you've heard this already. When I first heard this single a couple weeks back, I wasn't as impressed. But hearing it in context of the entire album gave it new light. This whole theme of travel and movement, and even space-like proportions reigns through the entire album. This song made sense as the first single. It's a perfect segway between the "old" and "new" Coldplay (although I'd hate to say it's entirely new, just a step up). It's less experimental than some of the other tracks, but damn catchy.

    8. "A Message" - Another favorite of my tracks, again brought back to the stripped down Coldplay that I grew to love. Could have easily been a track off of Parachutes.

    9. "Low" - The big numbers began to feel a little too familiar at this point. The structure was almost identical. But this one had a little surprise. There's a very cool part where they use xylophones (I think) that made this song stand out on its own. I can see a remix of this song one day that even I might dance to.

    10. "The Hardest Part" - The most American sounding song on this album. Musically, it has a swing to it, and I even turned to Jen and started saying "1-2-cha-cha-cha" while she rolled her eyes. It's not thematically on par with the rest of the album, but I enjoyed bopping my head to it.

    11. "Swallowed in the Sea" - Okay, Martin, tell me a story. I'll listen. Lyrically this felt like the strongest number, even reminded me of the Decemberists, especially on their latest album. But this will be my sing-a-long song for sure. If you've ever seen Coldplay live, think, "Everything's Not Lost." I can see the whole arena chanting along already.

    12. "Twisted Logic" - Okay, now this one was THE favorite. What a way to end it. What they lacked in the opener, completely made up for it with the kicker. It's everything this whole album and even Coldplay's career thus far wants to achieve. It battles back and forth between major and minor, electric and acoustic, all while Martin's haunting voice is singling "forwards and backwards." There was this incredible bass line that you felt building up throughout the whole song, just waiting for it to explode. And then "zap" (literally) it ends, and I was amazed.

    13. "Til Kingdom Come" (Hidden Track) - MTV even allowed us to listen to a secret track, how generous! This one is solely Martin and a guitar, and it should be played in my living room, on my couch, while I am going to sleep. I thought this could have been Apple's lullaby, but apparently it turned out to be an ode to Johnny Cash. Basically the same thing.

    Well friends, there you have it. Overall consensus? I think it's definitely worth your time and your money. It's quite the step up for those British lads, and even though it took them three years, it seems like the time was well spent. I'm glad they opted for ambitious rather than safe, and most of the time they pulled it off. There are few bands that are meant to be heard live, especially in large arenas. But these songs have it written all over them. And while I'll be seeing them tomorrow in a small MTV studio, I think these songs live will bring a whole new experience. That, to me, is when music is at its best.

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Music Video Monday

    I started to resort back to my addict ways by playing online poker at work. Never a good sign. So instead, I did a little music video watching. I've stopped watching MTV and even Fuse due to the fact that I never see any *new* videos, or any that are even worth watching. Thank god for the internet.

    Music Video Monday (has a nice right to it eh? we'll see if it lasts)

  • Beck - Gameboy Homeboy
  • Bloc Party - Little Thoughts
  • Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God (Live on Jay Leno)
  • Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration
  • Guster - Careful
  • Interpol- Slow Hands
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less
  • Kings of Leon - The Bucket
  • Longwave - Tidal Wave
  • Mando Diao - You Can't Steal My Love
  • Nellie McKay - Manhattan Avenue (live from Fez)
  • Regina Spektor - Carbon Monoxide
  • Rilo Kiley - It's a Hit
  • Rockets & Cars - The Protest
  • Saves The Day - The Funeral
  • Snow Patrol - Chocolate
  • Stephen Kellogg + The Sixers - You've Changed
  • The Comas - Tonight on the WB
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Head Games
  • The GoStation - Wandering Away
  • The Honorary Title - Everything I Once Had
  • The Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led
  • The Shins - Know Your Onion
  • The Stills - Love and Death
  • The Walkmen- We've Been Had
  • TV On The Radio- Staring at the Sun

    Kinda makes you wish you had popcorn, no?

  • Don't Believe The Truth

    I swear it always feels like it's Monday. Ah well, this one is an exciting one, as I try and make it through this day at work before I get to hear the new Coldplay album. Will give you the low-down tomorrow.

    So Friday I decided to come out of my boring shell and headed around the corner to The Crash Mansion for The GoStation. That place could be my new favorite venue in the city -- so close to my apartment, no cover on Friday, and open bar from 9-10. Didn't hurt that there was a great lineup that night too. GoStation put on a solid solid set, and it got me that much more excited for the show on June 2. However, open bars and me never end up fairing well, and by 12:30 I somehow made it back to my apartment but was in rough shape. I swear I was downing those cranberries and vodkas like it was water.

    So I missed the after party for The Five O'Clock Heroes but am hopefully catching them tomorrow when they open up for the band every New Yorker loves to hate, The Bravery at Warsaw. The Five O'Clock Heroes are easily becoming one of my new favorite bands...and I do smell an Issue Seven cover story in the works. If I get out of that show in time, I'm gonna head over to Hiro to listen to the new Oasis album. I didn't like "Lyla" at first, but I think it's growing on me. It is so goddamn catchy, how can it not? I'm excited to hear the rest of the album, though, and I read in both NME and Q this weekend that it's one of their best albums yet. We'll have to hear for ourselves.

    Info on Oasis Listening Party:




    WHERE: HIRO at the Maritime Hotel
    88 9th Ave (at 16th St)
    WHEN: This Tuesday, May 17 at 10:30 PM


    And speaking of fun events, if you take a look over at that handy dandy countdown, you will see it's getting very close to our Issue Six Release Party. And not to mention the day when I finally become legal (and hopefully will last past midnight.) Here's our super cool flyer that the wonderful Liz designed for me. Pass it around, spread the word. You are coming, right?

    MP3s (right click, save as)
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Run To Her
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Turn It Up
  • The GoStation - C'mon
  • Oasis - Lyla

  • Friday, May 13, 2005

    Just made MY WEEKEND!

    BIG NEWS! I just got a call from MTV and I got in for the Coldplay listening party on Monday AND an 80 person show on Wednesday. Holy crap, I think I could possibly be the happiest girl ever right now.

    Um, Chris Martin, watch out. I'm coming....

    Old Maid

    I fear I've become an old lady, three weeks away from turning 21. I haven't been to a show in over two weeks, what's wrong with me? (ed-totally just remembered I was at A Brief Smile show last Saturday. Man, I guess I did get pretty drunk that night. But it was a week before that and I haven't gone to any this week...or so I think..) I had every intention in walking the 3 blocks to Pianos last night to check out Brooklyn boys The Diggs play at their EP release party. Certain things came into play, however, before their 11 PM set time.

  • I began drinking at 3 PM.
  • I fell asleep on my couch at 9:30 PM

    Pitiful. I heard they were great, and I'm really 'digging' their EP. So next time I will be sure to delay happy hour and actually stay awake past primetime TV. Here's what I missed:
    MP3s (right click, save as, you know the drill)
  • Stagg
  • Trouble Everyday

    I got their EP in the mail a week ago to find it all cracked, so I was disappointed. Luckily I got a new copy yesterday and although it's only three songs, it's very intriguing. Listen to the drums on "Trouble Everyday." It's adds so much to a simple melancholy song. I hear these guys live are out of this world, damn.

    Speaking of cracked, in the past two days I've broken three things in my apartment. Usually I wouldn't think much of this because I am by nature clumsy, but it's gotten me a little creeped out. On Wednesday I went to grab a plate from my cabinet and two plates came crashing down on me. My roommate has these four plates that have really cool drawings of different cities on them. Guess which one I broke? London. And the fact that I am flying out there in a little over a month got me a little scared. And then last night I was washing out my coffee pot and dropped it. There must be so many tiny pieces of glass all over my apartment. But waking up this morning and not smelling a fresh pot of coffee being made was rough.

    You don't really care.

    TONIGHT! I actually will be out because it's Friday and I'm young. I was very torn between what show to go to tonight, but a free admission, open bar, and The GoStation sealed the deal. They are, if you didn't know already, Issue Six's cover story.

    The GoStation (9:45)
    w/ "Coke Dick" (really The Madison Strays shhh), The Murdochs, Morning Theft
    Crash Mansion
    199 Bowery at Spring St
    Open Bar 9-10
    rsvp: rsvp@newyorkunderbelly.com

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Stay Cool

    When I interviewed Nic Haracourt, of my favorite radio show Sounds Eclectic a couple weeks ago, I asked him what makes one out of the 400+ CDs he receives weekly stand out enough to feature that artist on his show. He said that it had to evoke something; it had to be crucial and different. He said that I should know.

    I stuttered, and sort of said, uh huh sure, and then after I got off the phone with him, really thought about what he said. Yes, I now have the ridiculous luck of receiving a new CD in the mail everyday (quite a step down from Haracourt's weekly 400), and I do obviously listen to each and everyone, but I couldn't tell you whether a CD is crucial or not. Does it have to be? But I suppose I can say when it is different. I've been mocked for being too nice and always liking everything I listen to, which is sort of true. I defend myself in that I like some things better than others, and yes there are terrible terrible bands, but Joe Schmoe out in Kentucky could really dig them, so who I am I to judge? That whole critic/fan thing gets in the way, and yes I know I can be critical without judging, but I'd rather not. Why? Because maybe I am too nice.

    Anyways, one of the CDs I received a few weeks ago that I can call different, and perhaps even crucial, was from a local Washington DC band The Hard Tomorrows. Their five song EP has been in heavy rotation as of late, and I've come to determine that EPs have significantly improved over the last few years. They are conceived on a much higher level, and it really becomes a stellar introduction to new bands. This EP is no different.

    The perfect mix tape (and you can quote Nick Hornby's High Fidelity on this) has to kick it off with a killer. I say the same goes for en EP. On The Hard Tomorrows they had me at "Put Yourself Out." The beginning guitars resemble the beginning of Cloud Room's "Hey Now Now" and it’s that same intensity and happiness, mixed with carelessness that I love. And this song that takes you somewhere (is that what Haracourt meant by crucial?) and has movement. It'll pause one crafty second and then build up and let down in one swift line. By the end, "how do they do it?" may be the one and only question you'll have in your mind. The rest of the EP is equally as impressive, however I found myself initially tracking back to the first song because I am easily addicted to greatness. But since then, I've found myself cruising along for the whole ride.

    For this past issue of the magazine we has planned on having "Sounds Like" boxes so that readers could easily reference new bands. But I began to pull my hair out trying to think of appropriate comparisons for a lot of bands that were ultimately trying to do something different. Like those, The Hard Tomorrows cannot and should not be put into any genre or compared to any other band. They have created the start of what I think will be quite a career, standing on their own two feet.

    Okay - have a gushed enough? Just listen. And if that's not reason enough, their EP comes with 5 different covers that you can choose from by a very cool artist Becky Schmidt. This one is my favorite, probably because I've always had a soft spot for yellow ducks and guys with skull t-shirts. How lucky am I?

    MP3s (right click, save as)
    Put Yourself Out
    Dear Mary

    You can purchase the complete EP, 5 Songs here. They are currently recording their first full-length album to be released this fall.

    Monday, May 9, 2005

    Hello, My Name Is...

    Oh it's Monday, and I am back at work, which should be reason enough not to be thrilled, but I woke up this morning (a little sleepy) as a new person. Okay, not new, but definitely different that the last month (maybe). The sun was shining, I had my coffee and time to watch The Today Show before schlepping uptown. I breathed a sigh of relief, because today (for the most part) I can start to relax.

    So if you don't know me other than just reading this blog, I do sincerely apologize because there's a chance you deem me psychotic, strange, or just stressed out. So let me introduce myself, er, again. I like music. I have a strange addiction to finding new music, but have serious problems when I have to make room for new CDs. I drink/smoke/email too much for it to be healthy, but I figure, what the hell...I'm young. And I go to shows, when I can, and when I can convince one of my friends to tag along, even if they have no idea who they are going to see. Oh yeah, and I do this a lot of the time, that usually makes me feel like an idiot, but somehow can't seem to stop. But generally, I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky gal, a bit awkward at times, but hopelessly optimistic about everything. I think.

    Okay, you are bored. I know. So I know I said I'd get back to the new band a day thing, but I fear I won't be able to keep up since I have to part with my laptop tomorrow. My CD burner has been broken for ages, and I couldn't deal with the added stress of backing everything up on another computer until this issue was done. So my music will be all over the place, but hopefully next week I'll get to sharing a lot of the great music I've got my hands on.

    But don't fret! Today is a special day, not only will you get an advance look at the cover of Issue Six of the magazine(featuring The GoStation), but a lot of random mp3s that I will offer up, out of the goodness of my heart.

    Are we all okay now? Good.

    ISSUE SIX!!!! (Photo by Syd Stanyar)

    MP3s (Right click, save as)
  • The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now (Everybody is talking about this song lately, and with good reason. It'll get you bouncing in your chair, or okay..maybe that's just me.)

  • 13 & God - Men of Station (I've listened to this song about 10 times in a row now, thanks to gorilla vs. bear and I am loving it. The pianos especially. Very chill, very walkable (is that weird?). You know what I mean. )

  • The Album Leaf - Brennivin (I just happened to attend an Album Leaf show at North Six a few months ago, and was completely blown away. This song is from an exclusive EP released in Spain. Light some candles, draw a bath (if I had one I would) and this is relaxation man. Just what I need. )

  • Ben Gibbard - Complicated (From you ain't no picasso, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab covering that Avril song. Enough said. )

  • Low - Monkey (I should really listen to more of this band. Each song I come across I find so innovative. You think you know a band, and then a song like this comes around. I'm consistently impressed. )

  • Interpol - Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix) (Thanks to stereogum and a million and one other blogs, here's a very cool remix of a very cool Interpol remixed by the very cool bass player.)

  • Spoon - I Turn My Camera On (New Spoon album out tomorrow. Are you ready? I came across the most awkward interview with Britt Daniel from Pitchfork and it made me feel a little bit better about my own terrible interviewing skills. Read it here, maybe it'll make you feel better too. )

  • Ted Leo - Me and Mia (How can you not love Ted Leo and not love this song? I switch back and forth between this and Bloc Party's Banquet at 6 AM to wake me up. It works every time. )

  • Akron Family - Running, Returning (Another thanks to gorilla vs. bear for this one. I keep hearing about these guys, and had never actually heard any of their music. And now I have and I'm a fan. Gotta get me more of them, and perhaps an interview for an up-coming issue..)

  • The Out Crowd - Little Elf (Former Brian Jonestown Massacre member Matt Hollywood heads up this band from Seattle. This guy has it, there's no question in that. Almost sounds like a less drugged version of a BJM song, which, I guess...makes sense. )

  • Whew, that took a lot out of me (and a good chunk of time at work, oops). Enjoy some tunes for this Monday. My name's Rachael, and it was a pleasure sharing with you.

    Sunday, May 8, 2005

    Oh boy

    For the record, I don't think my head has ever hurt so much before as it does right now. I can litterally feel it pounding. Waaay too many vodka cranberries last night, I think I was a little too eager to celebrate. Ah oh well, it felt good at the time.

    Back to sanity tomorrow, and the return of band of the day!

    Saturday, May 7, 2005

    So close.....

    Oh man, almost there. Finishing the last page this morning, and then printing it out to proof on the train ride to Jersey tomorrow. This perhaps was the LONGEST week of my life. Thank god it is over. And what better way to celebrate...

    I'll see you there!

    Thursday, May 5, 2005

    Everyday I Love You Less and Less

    Forgive me while I vent on no sleep and a loss of any coherence. It is basically day three of this lovely relationship with my computer and the Adobe programs getting this next issue together. I think this is the first time where I am actually freaking out that it will not get done in time. Well, I assume that is because this is the first time where I actually have a deadline (not one made up for my own sanity) but that I HAVE to get this issue to the printer on Monday in order for it to be back in my sweet little hands in time for the show on June 2. So Monday, this will all be over.

    I don't want to sit here and complain about how tired I am or how my eyes have begun to glaze over, because I do love what I do and wouldn't know what I would do without this magazine. I just am so frustrated right now because I have so many high expectations for each issue, and then I feel like they are never accomplished. Lord knows it has come a long way since the first issue, but I still don't think it’s up there, yet. I go through this vicious cycle each time the issue comes around: pure excitement with all the content, grand ideas for layout and features, loving the issue, hating the issue, time is running out, looks like a grade-school assignment, can't write, must get it done, its done, hate it, get it back, love it, start to find all the mistakes, hate it, and then on the next one. Is that psychotic? Probably.

    No no, let's be optimistic, because this issue is really jam-packed with great bands and info, and each issue does get a little bit better each time. That's all I can ask for, right?

    Don't forget!!!! Cancel all your Saturday night plans and tell Mom you'll be hungover on Sunday. Join me for a very much needed night out at The Knitting Factory for A Brief Smile, their last show until August! Come pick up a free CD of two of their latest tracks, and copies of the last issue of Underrated. Feel free to buy me a drink as well.

    Back to my love....

    Tuesday, May 3, 2005

    I will not freak out

    Okay so pictures of Crystal Skulls from this weekend in DC may get up sometime this week, however we missed most of the show and I had to get those damn Xs on my hand again. (But take a look to that little countdown on the side, we're at less than a month oh yes oh yes).

    So I'm a bit on the edge, we're at less than a week until I have to send this issue to the printer. I'm trying to breathe. I will not sleep. I love coffee, it is my friend. The end.

    Tonight: Seth Kallen @ Canal Room, 7 PM
    Tomorrow: Dave Lear @ Black Betty, 9 PM

    Needed: some energy or extra time if you have some. Coffee and cigarettes work too. Speaking of coffee and cigarettes, they are trying to out-law smoking in Jersey now. Last night I brought my laptop to the diner (my home away from home) to enjoy unlimited coffee and old friends when someone started to say that yesterday they were voting to put a smoking ban on my home-state. Not cool. Leave Jersey alone.

    Oh yeah, and someone was murdered right around the corner from my apartment. A little freaky, yes.

    And I'm going to be a complete dork and tell you right now that I am obsessed with the new Mac OS Tiger. If you are a mac freak like me, wait til you see the convience of Dashboard. It's so fun. And my mail program has never looked so snazzy. I heart Steve Jobs.

    Okay, I'm done now, I swear. Most cracked out post ever. Can you tell I'm a little overwhelmed? I shouldn't post blogs, but alas, procrastination helps all.

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