Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sing Happy Birthday To Pat On Friday!

So something awesome is going down on Friday night for someone equally awesome, and no I'm not biased....okay maybe a bit but I heard its true. My wonderful boyfriend's birthday is this weekend and since he was sweet enough to book the best party of my life in June, I had to return the favor (although I doubt I'll live up to it). It wouldn't be Pat's party unless it was in Staten Island, so get ready to take the ferry (it's free) for some great music (also free), lots of drinks (not free!), and fun times (always free!).

Here's the info. See you there!

Friday, November 23
Happy Birthday Pat!
The Heavenly Tenants - 10 PM
Aeroplane Pageant - 11 PM
at Martini Red
372 Van Duzer Blvd
Staten Island, New York

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ra Ra Riot - Suspended In Gaffa | Shows

I am having an obsessive addiction to Ra Ra Riot's Kate Bush cover of "Suspended In Gaffa." I always loved the song like but when I downloaded their Daytrotter session last week, it seems like this song is all I want to listen to. First reaction? 100 times better than the original. This isn't the first Kate Bush cover, their popular "Hounds Of Love" cover is pretty fab as well, but for some reason every time I try and listen to some other artists, all I want to do is come back to "Gaffa." There's something about Wes' incredible falsettos and the oom-pah pah rhythm that makes me so happy. I've even resorted to writing emails just about the song.

In other Ra Ra Riot news, Pat and I will be driving down to Washington, D.C. to catch them and our other favorites, Jukebox The Ghost play at the Rock and Roll Hotel next next next Friday. And yes, I know that they are playing New York at Union Hall the next night, but why shouldn't I have a weekend full of two of my favorite bands? I'm sure Pat would like me to mention this was all my idea, but trust me—he's not complaining either. Tickets are still available for the Washington show (road trip!) but Union Hall is currently sold out. And even if you are going to both those shows, you should also make sure you take a trip to the John Pike Memorial Show featuring Vampire Weekend, Tokyo Police Club (and of course RRR) December 15 in Boston. More information on the show, or how to donate to the fund, can be found here.

And now, that tune that will make your Friday so much sweeter.

  • Ra Ra Riot - Suspended In Gaffa (via their Daytrotter Session)
  • Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Hey! Readers. Vote for me...if you want.

    I'm not sure I totally understand this contest but I sure am honored to be nominated with my fellow blogsters. So if you like reading my nonsense on a daily basis, first have your head checked, then vote for me! I could use some funny comments too to cheer me up on this rainy day, so use that space to write your own nonsense! Oh, and while you are there, you should vote for Pat too.

    Project Runway 4.1

    Did you watch last night's premiere? I already have my favorite.

    I have to admit, however, that with four years under its belt, the show has sort of become a farce of itself. The whole "make it work" which I don't think Tim Gunn ever intended to be as popular of a catch line, has become almost the reason these people are on the show. From writing in the blackboard in their apartment to saying it out loud with Tim, I had to cringe at the cult status the show has now achieved. What I love so much abut Bravo shows is that they don't give into the terrible aspects of "reality television" only the parts that we as humans can't live without—voyeurism and competition. I don't want to think that the judges kept crazy lady with the poo-poo dress on just for drama, but I can't kick it out of my mind.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Strike Watch: How Long Til My Favorite Show Runs Out?

    I'm trying not to get too depressed about this strike, but as the December hiatus is quickly approaching, I know that this post-holiday season is going to even more depressing that usual. Thanks to my favorite pop culture blogger, we now have this updated list of how many episodes are left of our favorite shows. I don't know about you, but I think this TV season has been the strongest yet—I've picked up a lot of new shows that I didn't think I'd enjoy and with Heroes now back to its greatness, I look forward to my DVR catch-up each weekend. What am I going to do when this all comes to an end? I've decided to support my writers and not pick up any new crazy reality show the networks have to offer, but I can't say no to Project Runway (which starts tonight!) Anyways, here's the countdown. One episode of The Office left. Ugh. Get out the Kleenex (or facial tissues as Ted from How I Met Your Mother would correct me, how great was this week's ep?)

    30 Rock: Ten episodes will be produced. Five episodes have aired, so there are five left.

    Brothers & Sisters: Twelve episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are five left.

    Chuck: Thirteen episodes will be produced. Eight episodes have aired, so there are five left.

    Dirty Sexy Money: Eleven episodes will be produced. Six episodes have aired, so there are five left.

    Gossip Girl: Thirteen episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are six left.

    Heroes: Eleven episodes will be produced. Eight episodes have aired, so there are three left.

    House: Twelve episodes will be produced. Seven episodes have aired, so there are five left.

    Lost: Eight episodes will be produced. None have aired yet, so there are eight episodes left.

    The Office: Twelve half-hour episodes will be produced. Eleven half-hour episodes have aired, so there is one half-hour episode left.

    Pushing Daisies: Nine episodes will be produced. Five episodes have aired, so there are four left.

    Say It IS So! Wakey finally sets his release.

    Pat and I may be battling for who can post the most about our dear friend Wakey!Wakey!, but today CMJ was lucky enough to premiere his cover of Weezer's "Say It Aint So" and finally some solid information about his debut album and release party. Horray!

    Click here to read and download!

    Friday, November 9, 2007

    the mtvU Woodies

    So last night I was honored to be asked to work the red carpet for the mtvU Woodies, and although the chaos was a lot for me to handle it ended up being a pretty fun night. Yes, I saw Pete Wentz and Jenny Lewis, chatted with the lovely Tokyo Police Club and took loads of pictures, but the little dork in me was so pumped to see two of the three members of Guster. They ended up taking home the award for "Good Woddie" for the band's create of Reverb, and so later in the night I got up the courage to personally say hi. What resulted from that was a Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy Josh Cain from Motion City Soundtrack walk by, to which Ryan grabbed him to take a picture. Classic.

    My whole red carpet experience can be found here.

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    Save The Date: After The Jump Winter Fest

    New York City, December 8, 2007
    taking over all three levels of the Knitting Factory

    curated by the people behind: themusicslut . batteringroom . disconap . earfarm . ryspace . irockiroll . musicsnobbery . merryswankster . softcommunication . theunderratedblog . sitdownstandup . watercoolergossip . bumpershine . themodernage . productshopnyc . yetidontdance . slapyouinpublic . subinev . punkphoto . poptartssucktoasted . stereoactivenyc . fingeronthepulse

    for more information, please email: booking: booking@afterthejumpfest.com charity: charity@afterthejumpfest.com sponsors: sponsors@afterthejumpfest.com publicity: publicity@afterthejumpfest.com

    This is making me very sad/angry...

    Looks like we'll get just a peak at Lost when it returns in February. If the strike continues, they will only air the first 8 episodes instead of the full 16. Ugh...Damon Lindelof explains.

    At the end of the eighth episode, is there any sense of conclusion whatsoever?
    It's as much of a conclusion as, say, Ana-Lucia and Libby getting shot.

    Wow. Really?
    Yes. And you'd be, like, oh my god, I can't believe I have to wait another year and two months for episode nine of this season.

    Read: Strikewatch: Why Lost Fans Will Cheer—and Cry (from E!Online)

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007

    Heroes 2.7 "Out Of Time"

    It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Will wait to chat until next week. Take that all Heroes-haters! I knew they would get back into the groove soon enough.

    The Back To Reality Mix

    I woke up this morning, ready to grab my badge and camera and head to Fader Lounge for a breakfast Red Stripe. Once I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I realized that it was Monday. Back to work. No more free drinks. No more bandfest during the day. Sigh. I was a little bit sad.

    I'm sure the sadness will lessen as the days go by and I start to count down the days to SXSW. Austin is already calling my name. Anyways, here's a mix for you to enjoy. Back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.

  • The Changes - On A String
  • The Receiver - Corner (Pt 1)
  • Michael Leviton - For Lydia
  • La Rocca - The Truth
  • Kevin Devine - Just Stay
  • Division Day - Lights Out
  • DeVotchKa - Somethin' Stupid
  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - And The Rest Will Follow
  • Professor Murder - Champion
  • Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
  • The Wrens - Built In Girls
  • Jamie Lidell - Multiply (Gonzales Remix)
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