Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway 4.1

Did you watch last night's premiere? I already have my favorite.

I have to admit, however, that with four years under its belt, the show has sort of become a farce of itself. The whole "make it work" which I don't think Tim Gunn ever intended to be as popular of a catch line, has become almost the reason these people are on the show. From writing in the blackboard in their apartment to saying it out loud with Tim, I had to cringe at the cult status the show has now achieved. What I love so much abut Bravo shows is that they don't give into the terrible aspects of "reality television" only the parts that we as humans can't live without—voyeurism and competition. I don't want to think that the judges kept crazy lady with the poo-poo dress on just for drama, but I can't kick it out of my mind.


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