Monday, May 30, 2005

This Radiant Boy

Happy Memorial Day everyone. We are having a beautiful day here in NJ, so I'm going to post early so I can sit out in the sun. I'll be thinking about the two days I have left of being underage, and then a crazy party on Thursday. Up after Dave Lear will be Philly's own This Radiant Boy. The last addition to our lineup, but hardly the least. They will represent our "Tourist" section of Issue Six (alongside Seth Kallen, Snowden, Maximo Park, and The Futureheads..just to name a few). Enjoy an except from the very entertaining interview I conducted with them, as well as some tunes.

Adam Herndon, bass player of Philadelphia’s This Radiant Boy never has to pee until the second their van is stuck in traffic in the Holland Tunnel or on the BQE. “It’s like pee or die,” says Herndon. By the time they reach the city, he’ll have a water bottle full and the rest of his band, including lead singer Mike Guggino, nauseous. With shows all over the east coast playing with acts like Mates and States and Ted Leo, the six-piece band has released a full-length album on their own record label, and recently completed their creative rock and pop filled EP.

Who is the radiant boy?
Herndon: It’s actually named after some ghost story from a castle in England, a person who sees the radiant boy specter rises to a position of great power and wealth, only to later die a horrible death. Mike can explain it better.
Guggino: I saw this episode of Sightings when I was getting to second base with my girlfriend. It stopped me in mid-boob and I was like, ‘damn, that is an interesting story.’

What don’t we know about This Radiant Boy?
Herndon: We’re a lot more badass than people think. Sometimes at rest stops we have races. Running races. Yeah, so everybody, don’t fuck with us. Also, I’m trying to curse a lot more, so watch your kids around me.
Guggino: We love to play dominos and will challenge anyone to a game because we are the best. Domino motherfucker!

This Radiant Boy will take the stage at 8:30 PM.

MP3's (Right Click, Save As)
  • This Radiant Boy - I Miss Ole Miss
  • This Radiant Boy - We Can Pretend
  • This Radiant Boy - Sunshine Cadets


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