Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rachael's Top Ten TV Shows of 2009

I know a hell of a lot more about television than music. See for me, music is still very much a mystery to me. I cannot comprehend how a person can create such magic and I'm the first to admit that I still have much to learn. Television, however, is very familiar to me. As a tiny tot I was watching British soap operas, and at 10 years old the Walsh family felt like close relatives. And while I've been very close to this medium for a very long time, 2009 completely wowed me with a real move towards sophistication and utter creativity (and hopefully away from bad reality TV). Watching television can no longer be considered a passive activity -- it may even (gasp!) make you think.

1. Lost
The opening scene of Season 5's finale sealed the deal: there is, and may not ever be, a show like Lost. I cannot wait to see how this grand saga finally plays out -- and you can bet I'll still be dissecting (and watching) these episodes for many years to come. Who knew time travel could be so much fun? Thank you Damon. Thank you Carlton. And thank you every Lost fan out there -- for making this show such a frustrating treat.

2. Mad Men
Many complained that this season was far too slow, but for me this show has always prided itself in an incredible build up. And what a release it was -- from the incredible performances of Jon Hamm and January Jones (that kitchen scene was unreal) to the thrilling season finale, Mad Men paid off in a very big way.

3. Bored To Death
Oh Jason Schwatzman, how I love thee. Team up with Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson on a show set in Brooklyn that's equal parts funny and clever and you really can do no wrong. Thank you, Jonatham Ammes and HBO for bringing this new show into my life (and renewing it for season 2 already!)

4. Fringe
I couldn't imagine how J.J. and his team could follow up a season finale like Fringe's season 1. I mean, that last shot totally blew my mind. But thankfully, this serialized drama is still mixing this massive overarching story line with little one-episode plots that keep you coming back for more. And when John Noble and Leonard Nimoy come head to head in some version of our reality, I'll be there, on the edge of my couch with extreme anticipation.

5. Dexter
If it was not for the final three episodes of this season, Dexter probably wouldn't have been on this list. It was a torturous season,which in retrospect was probably intentional given Dexter's own mindset. John Lithgow gave a hell of a performance as the Trinity and caused serious anxiety when he walked into the Miami Metro Police Station that day. But of course, it all came to fruition at the dramatic end, a shocker that no one saw coming. When a show takes that risk, and even makes its loyal viewers mourn a character they mostly hated -- all I can say is bravo!

6. Skins
I didn't want to embrace a brand new cast, but I had faith in the awesomeness of this show. And look at that -- I wasn't disappointed! While I sincerely miss the old clan, Effie and this messed up bunch provided just enough (if not more) drama to keep me watching. If you aren't watching this show, you are really missing a no holds barred gem that could only be created by our friends overseas.

7. Rescue Me
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. There really is no other character on TV that you give as many chances to as you do with Tommy Gavin. He'll screw up left and right, and then screw someone else left and right and no matter what you are still rooting him on. Which, of course, made that last shot (literally) so hard to bare, and this wait between the last season of this remarkable show pretty damn rough.

8. Modern Family
I have never laughed so hard at an ABC show in my entire life -- and that's a feat in itself. Dare I say it's a bit reminiscent of another fav Arrested Development? It'll never quite live up to the oddity of that show, but the pace and definitely the laughs and easily comparable.

9. Glee
My friend Conor explained this show perfectly: High School Music meets Election. There's something for everyone -- attractive people singing and dancing, hilarious quips from Sue Sylvestor, and a whole lot of dark humor for all you odd balls out t here (myself included). I'm pretty sure the majority of Americans that watch this show aren't picking up on those twitsted subetlies, but that's fine by me -- anything to keep this show on the air!

10. True Blood
I watched this season's premiere without ever watching the show before and was instantly hooked. It was the perfect perscription for Sunday nights in the summer -- a guilty pleasure that refuses to take itself seriously and is all the better for it. I often compare it to my adult TV version of Goosebumps, as each final moment kept me wanting much more.


Unknown said...

What about the Big Bang Theory? :|

Rachael said...

i haven't watched that one! (I know). I'm going to invest some time on the dvds soon. I hear its great.

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