Wednesday, February 27, 2008

today was a rainy day

It's been a rather strange night. What started as somewhat a disaster, has turned into hope, thanks to a couple glasses of wine, some Motown, and a trip down memory lane. I'm at that point that most meet in their early 20's: where to go next. From the little (I think I'm going to move back to blogger) to the big (can I really do this?), every decision is made up of every thought we've had in our lives. I found myself reading old blog entries, and came across this article from February 2005, when Underrated celebrated it's first year. It was so surreal reading how idealistic I once was, and almost unfortunate how cynical I've become. Maybe that can change. Either way, it sort of helped me make some decisions tonight, looking to the younger me for some advice. It's so funny how much things have changed.

[the above picture was my room in my first New York City apartment. it was my "inspiration board" which kept me focused on Underrated. i found it tonight and sort of wished I had kept it]


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