Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes, I Watch American Idol

I'm often ridiculed over the fact that I watch American Idol religiously. I know that there are bazillions of people out there just like me, but I'm pretty sure they are all have a medium age of 16. I'm glad my soon-to-be-24-year-old self upped that average.

You see, I'm not an American citizen. I do feel left out in the fact that I can't voice my pick for our next president. Of course, I'm not putting our Commander In Chief in the same vein as this year's American Idol winner but the actual act is one in the same.

I didn't really like David Cook from the start. In fact, I thought his hair was stupid and I was too busy pining over the Australian, wondering how I could get his phone number other than the one Ryan Seacrest kept telling me to call. But as the weeks went by, and as everyone else was wooing over that stupid 17-year-old kid, I started to dig the psuedo-rocker's style. Sure, Cook is totally cheesy and a bit of an early 90's wanna be, but I applauded the fact that not only cold this dude sing in any range, but he also did his homework by giving the judges what they want: originality.

So as much as I'm prepared to see the other David take home the prize tomorrow night (in spite of that hideous voice crack during "Imagine" and the fact that he cannot form a complete sentence), I would still like to state my vote went to Cook. And yes, I did vote. It's the American thing to do, after all.


magickat said...

Embrace your American Idolness! But I am distracted by one thing. Where in the world are you? I - for whatever reason my brain came up with - assumed you were a New Yorker. I pictured you writing your entries from a sweet little apartment in LES or Brooklyn. Did my imagination decieve?

Are you Canadian? That would explain the Maltese conncection. Are you from Toronto?

Rachael said...

i am indeed a new yorker! i have, in the past been in a tiny apartment in both the LES and Brooklyn, but now am in Chelsea. I was born in England, and moved here when I was 6 and just have yet to become a citizen. It's on the horizon, however!

Sam said...

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