Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the world is smaller than you think

I never got to tell you about the Birdmonster/Mason Proper/Jena Malone show. It started out with a bit of a surreal moment when I was walking towards the Gramercy and saw Birdmonster's name on the marquee. I just realized now I never remembered to ask them if this was the first time they have had that, and if so, how it felt. I can say I got some chills, just seeing how far these boys have come. It's always nice when hard working bands start to get the recognition they deserve.

Gramercy Theater is not as bad as I expected it to be, although that doesn't necessarily mean that it's all that great. Half finished and expensive drinks will be what I will remember, however the sound wasn't terrible (save Birdmonster for some reason) and there is a slanted floor (helps for us short folks). We arrived in time to see Miss Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains, and she was every bit as awkward and weird as I imagined her to be. I'm not sure if this is just her stage persona or she was actually on that many drugs, but at points it was almost painful. She doesn't have a terrible voice, but she's so bizarre (in not a good way) on stage that you feel uncomfortable watching her. Direct quote from the star of Saved!: "These lights are so beautiful. It is so beautiful like a Saturday. But it feels like a Tuesday. But it is Saturday."


My Mason Proper boys were up next and I remembered just how much I have listened to their debut album, because I started singing along every frickin word to every wonderful song. Lead singer Jonathan Visgr is a delight to watch. His spastic moves are endearing and the rest of the band compliments him well. I mean, they have a suitcase on stage that is used as an instrument. How could you not love them? They also opened with "Friendship," which isn't on their album but has quickly become a favorite. Catch these guys when they are back in town, you will not be disappointed.

This is why I love Mason Proper.

And last, but certainly not least were the Birdmonsters. By this time I had had my fair share of gin, and when you mix me and alcohol with Birdmonster performing live, I will not cease to embarrass myself. Luckily I stuck to the back of the room this time around, and persisted to jump and scream and sing along without too many strange looks. I wish the crowd could have been more into the show, because the boys played their hearts out this time around. If you haven't heard their new songs, you must. They aren't too much of a departure from what you know and love, but definitely show a level of maturity in composition and song writing.

Since it was the last night of the tour with Mason Proper, the boys joined Birdmonster on stage for a rowdy rendition of "Spaceman". It's always nice to see bands you love get along so well, and even be able to collaborate musically. And then Birdmonster played my three all time favorite songs for a deserved encore (if I remember correctly): Resurrection Song, Janine, All The Holes. Oh and they played Ball Of Yarn before that too. Basically it was pretty spectacular and I will never, ever, not have fun seeing these guys play live. I assume they'll be back before we know it, hopefully with more new songs in hand.

I now think I hold the record for posts about Birdmonster. I'm not ashamed.


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