Wednesday, May 16, 2007

in one ear and out the other

I'm very tired today which could be a combination of a lot of things. I stayed at Pianos past 10 PM last night which never used to be a problem but has become one and so I woke up late and didn't go to get my allergy shots this morning. It could also be the fact that my apartment feels like the 6th circle of hell with the heat it emotes and that plans to put my air conditioner back into the window were carefully thought out out at about 3:30 this morning. It could be the excitement for Holly Dolly (see below) or it could be the fact that I was just sent Linkin Park's new CD. Zzzz. Who knows.

I was surprised to see Fujiya & Miyagi's video for "Ankle Injuries" at #2 on YouTube today. Not that I don't think its a fantastic song or a great video, but I just wasn't aware that they were that popular. Regardless, if I had to make a top 10 albums of 2007 list right now, I'd definitely put their album Transparent Things up at the top. Seeing them live basically sealed the deal. If you have yet to hear the album, go do so immediately. It'll make you want to dance down the street like Peter Parker in Spiderman 3. And I've done it too...just before my 10 PM bedtime.

While I love "Ankle Injuries" (video below), my favorite track is definitely "Collarbone." I kept on hearing the song while I was down in Austin and couldn't pinpoint who it was. Definitely a track born for the dance floor.


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