Thursday, August 25, 2005

Help Snowden play Coachella 2006

From the wonderful band Snowden:

Help Us Play @ Coachella 2006. Please.

There's actually not much involved to giving us a decent shot at it. If you like our music PLEASE do this for us. We've yet to even play a show on the West Coast and this would be a decent first gig there we think. Ha.

Here is all you have to do to help get us noticed by people organizing the line up. It's very simple. Really...

1. Just add the Coachella Myspace Profile as your friend by clicking HERE (you have to add them to vote in the next step, but you can always delete them if you must after the deed is done)

2. Next, all you do to vote for us is go to this blog link HERE and add a comment along with the rest like... "I vote Snowden" or "Damn, I vote for those sexy kids in Snowden" or just plain "Snowden"

3. That's all there is to it. Please tell your friends to vote for us too! (you can repost this complete with links if you click the reply to sender button and then copy and paste this into a new bulletin.)

1 band/artist and 1 dj will be chosen to play Coachella 2006 based on the following criteria:

1. their artistic talent/song quality
2. votes from their friends (you!!!)
3. the opinions of the coachella staff

The winners will be announced with the 2006 line up.

PLEASE do this for us folks. It only takes a second.

And if you've been under a rock, check out the tunes (right click, save as):
Victim Card
Good News
Chin Up
Kill The Power
Come Around
Anybody Else
Black Eyes
Time of The Season


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