Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ready, Set....Crash

Just when I thought my luck was getting better. I found an amazing apartment, found two paintings at Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance, and was making great time driving into the city from New Jersey on a Tuesday night. I was just telling my two friends who came along for the move how much I hate the FDR. In fact, it's my least favorite highway in the US. Now, more than ever.

I was listening to my newest mix, just lit a cigarette when the car in front of me slammed on his breaks. I slammed on mine and luckily didn't hit. The idiot behind me must have not been paying much attention because a couple seconds later, Marcel the Mini was hit from behind.

Two hours later, New York's finest was cracking jokes and Marcel the Mini looked banged up, but drivable. The car behind me - not so lucky. So with a splitting headache and a couple aches and pains we continued our way to Brooklyn to move furniture. Joy.

At the time of the hit, this song was playing. So there you go:
Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul (right click, save as)

I'm sorry if this blog has been terribly boring and slacking lately. I'm trying to sort out the next issue of the magazine, while getting ready for school and moving into a new apartment. Soon, I swear, I'll be back to normal so don't say goodbye just yet.

This weekend I'm heading to Chicago to visit my sister. She's been living there for 3 years now and of course I finally get out to see her for her going away party. She's moving to Baltimore in a couple weeks.

While I'm there I'm meeting up with Jonny the drummer of The Changes for an interview.

The Changes - When I Wake (right click, save as)
The Changes - Her You and I (right click, save as)

Buy their CD here. According to Nora they'll be playing CMJ on September 15. Sweet-o.


n. said...

yay The Changes! they are playing Pianos during the day (at 4) and then at CBs 313 Gallery the same day at 11:30. everyone should come to BOTH.

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