Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Still Heart We Are Scientists

It's been a while since I posted about previous hottie-of-the-week band We Are Scientists, but something tells me it wont be long until I take back over this blog, among others, in preparation of their new LP. We ran an exclusive interview with said hottie, Keith Murray, today on in which he reveals the new album's title is in fact tentatively titled What $ of $ Do That Cost. While their sarcasm still remains the same, the sound may not as he hints there may be a bit of a change for their follow-up to the Underrated favorite With Love And Squalor.

Are you consciously looking to one-up Love And Squalor?
We definitely went into the studio with the intent to move along from the sound of the last album. This isn't to suggest that we think it wasn't a good album. It was, in fact, a great album, if the American press and our parents are to be believed. We recommend that other bands pick up where we left off and make a fortune mining our old sound. Ultimately though, we felt that it would be beneficial to grow as writers, or at least fake growth by cosmetically changing our sound slightly. I like to think that we've done the former....
(read the rest here)

I'm really looking forward to seeing WAS back on stage next weekend for Siren Fest. I've always been out of the city past years, so it'll be fun to actually experience the day firsthand. Chris has the complete schedule here and you will notice that my other loves, White Rabbits, will be one of the first bands up -- so get there early. I saw the band earlier this week at Highline Ballroom for a fantastic show...maybe I'll post some pictures or a review over the weekend.

Too many shows, never enough time to blog about them.


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