Monday, July 2, 2007

Ra Ra Riot @ The Seaport | 6.29.07

I was a bit nervous heading to the Seaport on Friday night. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was to be the first show since the unfortunate loss of Ra Ra Riot's drummer John Pike, and it wasn't just a small show to get the young band back into the swing of things. But I should have known better, as the band played one of the best shows I had seen them play yet (and there's been a ton), throwing themselves full-fledged into every song. Perhaps they felt the same as I did, I'm not quite sure, but watching them play a fantastic set made me realize they have made the best decision in honoring John's memory.

I was lucky enough to stand in the photo pit for most of the set, and although the band is incredibly hard to photograph (they never stand still!), I managed to snap a few good pictures. Pat was there too and got some great shots as well. Kudos to the band for putting on such a great set. They are, truly, unstoppable.



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