Friday, July 27, 2007

take a deep breath and hold it in

Holy moley. It's finally FRIDAY. I swear these weeks have been kicking my ass, as of late, and with a big move this weekend (to where? nowhere!) I've hardly had a chance to catch my breath. I've been overtly stressed, overtly anxious, and overtly tired and I'm pretty sure it's that much harder because I'm used to summers being relaxed. Not this year, of course.

But that's not to say I haven't had any fun, because I have. I'm at a very good place now in my life, and I couldn't be happier about how things are progressing. Plus, I'm off to London in a couple weeks for a much much needed vacation and to see the parentals (one of which, just met Prince Charles - crazy!) bringing along Pat who will be making his first trip overseas. Yipee!

But one of the biggest honors I've had as of late is being asked to write the liner notes to one of my favorite New York artists, Wakey!Wakey!. He will be releasing a live EP on Family Records, of that fabulous show back in April. I cant even begin to explain (or, okay, give away the liners) how great this guy is. Last night I was at Joe's Pub to see the Undisputed Heavyweights for the millionth time (and they are still as wonderful as always) and we were treated to having Wakey open. I was there with five other gals as a sort of goodbye party for my dear roommate (we will miss you!). All six of us girls were completely enamored with Mr. Wakey!Wakey!. And not just for the beard, I swear. His set was heartfelt and honest. He's quite a charming character, which always seems to invoke lots of chuckles and "aw goshs" but when heading into his last song -- the amazing "Car Crash" the laughs stopped, and Wakey shined. The song [listen here] is brutally raw and at times uncomfortable. But man, I would not have had it any other way.

Undisputed Heavyweights rule. You've heard me praise them enough. Go see them again when they play Joe's Pub for their last night of their summer residency August 24 (that's a Friday, right Wes?) Seth Kallen will be opening.

Speaking of Seth, you must check out his blog. He and Ben from Jukebox The Ghost have been galavanting around England for the past couple weeks, and it looks as though they are having a super time. They even include videos and MP3s (one of which I'll post below). But go check out the blog before they come back stateside and forget how much fun blogging is.

This weekend, I'm off to try and relax while moving everything out of the Lower East Side apartment. Once I get a free moment, I'm going to post an awesome mix that will try and sum up what it's like to live in that part of town. It sure has been fun, but I think I'll enjoy the quieter atmosphere of Chelsea!



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