Monday, July 30, 2007

Jesse Lacey, Kevin Devine, Grace Read | Maxwells | 7.29.07

After a long and exhausting day of moving out of my apartment and into a storage space, leaving me homeless for the next month -- the last thing I wanted to do was trek to Jersey. But seeing that I have always been fond of Mr. Kevin Devine, and my dear friend Katie quite likes Jesse Lacey of the band Brand New. So the fact that they were touring together was basically our version of perfection.

The show was pretty stellar, with Kevin sounding top-notch as ever, and using his friend Jesse for harmonies. But seeing Jesse Lacey for the first time was a bit of a treat. I'm not too familiar with Brand New but apparently this show was a bit out of the ordinary for the usually recluse singer. He had an interesting Q&A session half-way through the set, urging bands not to sign with a label, for his CDs to be burned and shared, and what its like to have "old men" telling you about music.

After the set, I caught up with Kevin and was lucky enough to snap a photo of the three performers at the show. Apparently this is also unusual for Jesse as he rarely takes pictures, let alone smiles.

grace read, jesse lacey, kevin devine at maxwells 7.30.07


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