Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beauty vs. The Geek?

Dear Beauty And The Geek,

I never thought I'd watch your show. It's not that I'm against reality TV (trust me, it's far from that) but I just never thought that this idea/concept was interesting. It sounded like a farce. My past roommate started watching it, and since the majority of New Yorkers are too broke from their expensive rents to leave that apartment, I got hooked. It wasn't what I expected—there was an actual "moral" if you can call it that, perhaps "message" is better. Everyone went on the show to better themselves. The geeks wanted more confidence, the beauties wanted to be more accepting. If you forgot the fact that they were competing for money, it was an interesting, and somewhat genuine, social experiment. And yes, by season's end, I always ended up in tears.

I was okay with your "twist" last season to have one couple whose genders were switched (the beauty was the male, geek female). It was pretty fun in the end. But after watching this season's premiere, where you have decided to have the beauties compete against the geeks, I wonder why you have completely removed the only redeeming factor of the show. We don't need a new twist every season, we just want to fall in love with the characters. By having these two teams fight against each other, instead of learn from each other, you lose your essence and the search for comraderie. Its ideas like these that hurt my defense of reality TV.



P.S. - I really like Gregie.


kat said...

I agree - the goodness of the show came from the "and". The "vs." just ruins the whole thing.

Anne said...

I loved the tall cute nerd.

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