Monday, March 3, 2008

Mason Proper - "Fish Eyes"

I was lucky enough today to receive a personal email from the always delightful Jonathan Visger of Mason Proper fame, to shed light on his recent solo project. His first 4-song solo EP, North South Part I is currently available for only $3, in high quality mp3, with audio samples of all the songs available at I've listened to the EP at least 17 times today, and let me tell you—it's worth a lot more than a measly 3 dollars. I've always had a hard time pinpointing Mason Proper's sound, and Visger makes it even harder this time. But if I had to, I'd call it something of a lo-fi industrial pop. Whatever, just know that it's good.

Visit the site and sign up for the email list, and you'll immediately be sent a link where you can download the song "Fish Eyes" for free, and you'll also receive a free new song from Mason Proper song!

You can also check out "Fish Eyes" and "The Stupidest Thing" on his MySpace. "Fish Eyes" is officially my obsession of the day.


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