Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Movies That Rock: The Darjeeling Limited

I can't remember why I didn't see this movie in the theaters. As a huge Wes Anderson fan and an even bigger admirer (ok maybe obsessee) of Jason Schwartzman, I should have been there opening night. Well, that didn't work out but thanks to the power of Netflix I got this little DVD the week it came out, and Pat and I sat down to watch it late Saturday night. Okay, I fell asleep the first time, but it had nothing to do with the flick itself. I have a problem staying awake these days, so early mornings are actually better for my movie viewing sessions. So at 9 AM, while Pat was still sleeping, I popped it in again. And what an film this is.

The best part is I had no idea what this movie was about. I went in with a clear head, as filmmakers crave, and left feeling moved. The performances from Adrien Brody, my dear Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson, were perfectly crafted and played off each other with ease. Set on a train traveling through India, Anderson's usual quirks were ever-present, and met with a welcoming smile. I found out while watching the featurette after, that Darjeeling was actually filmed while a real life train was in motion. Authentic, indeed.

I'm going to buy this movie because I know it's one I'll want to watch for a little escape from reality. In the film Wilson, the older brother who attemps to reconnect with his brothers and eventually their mother, tells them they are about to embark on a spirtual journey. It isn't until they are kicked off the train and faced with loss, family, and pain that the three finally realize what that journey is. But throughout it all, we're lucky to witness the quick one-liners, the soundtrack, and the visual intentions. We kind of go on a journey too. And like most Anderson flicks, we're left with one of those true movie-going experiences.


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