Friday, March 7, 2008

Lost 4.6 - "The Other Woman"

While this week's episode of Lost was far from the mind blowing and equally adoring episode last week—any episode with Desmond and Penny is automatically my fav—we did have some fun stuff in this week's, too. While I'd venture to call it one of those "filler" episodes, it's still keeping with the fantastic pace and ambition of Season 4. Juliet has always been a fascinating character and, unlike some people, I enjoyed this week's flash back just as much as previous ones. If only for Ben's utter creepiness when he uttered the lines: "You're mineeeee. (pause) Take all the time you need." Let me say it again—Michael Emerson is an acting genius.

I could, of course, have done without the Kate/Jack romance—hopefully it will just lead to Ben kicking some Shepherd ass—and the Daniel and Charlotte mission was ultimately anticlimatic. Of course, scenes between Locke and Ben have become more and more intriguing and within minutes I cringed and then yelped at the sign of that "Red Sox" dvd. Finally! We have a proper Widmore connection to the island, that hasn't come from something other than the show. I have a theory as to who that blindfolded guy in the video was, but we'll get to that in a second.

Although we weren't privy to another flash-forward, this flashback cleared up some holes in our story line. It's great to see scenes we've come to know so dearly through new eyes. Ben ordering Goodwin to go to the Tailies (what does that mean for Ethan?), Goodwin and Juliet in bed together, and so on. While not too many mysteries were introduced or revealed, there's nothing more creepy than a dinner party with Ben. Please, invite me next time. Thanks.

Best line: "This rabbit didn't have a number on it, did it?" Genius.

Some theories....

I'm 99% convinced that the guy in the blindfold is Desmond. I just have a hunch that I cant get rid of, no matter how many people tell me I'm wrong. It's him.

I'm also 99% convinced that Ben is able to time travel. How else would it explain how he knows where Daniel and Charlotte were heading and how he could tell Harper to warn Juliet? That would also explain why he sent Goodwin to the Tailies.

And what's with Faraday's map?!

Poll on who the mole is on the freighter? My guess is Michael but I hope they throw us a wild card to keep up the shock value.


SDSU said...

I say Walt is the mole!

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