Tuesday, July 26, 2005

£1 = $1.74060..yuck

I've made a very conscious effort while in London to not go completely nuts. I conserve my drinking, I try and get into as many shows for free as possible, and have only gone to H&M once. And those little sandwiches at the supermarket constitute for almost every meal because they are only £2. But yesterday I went into Virgin Megastore on Oxford to see
The Stands play a free show. I was there a tad bit early, so I started to browse. Half hour later I was six CDs deep. Mom, if you are reading this, I have a problem...I'm sorry.

It's just that it's been awhile since I've gotten to listen to a new album, and I knew walking in there that I had to pick up the Editors album, and then I just couldn't help myself. So I picked up the new album by The Stands, the debut from The Cribs, Hard-Fi (apparently they are supposed to be the next big British band, but I'm not convinced), The Futureheads (I know, I've been meaning to get this forever), and the new single for "Head Games" by the wonderful (and not to mention issue six's cover story) Five O'Clock Heroes. I did a bad bad thing, because now I'm really broke. Whoops.

The Stands put on a fantastic set to a very eager crowd. I caught them side-stage taking shots of what looked like whisky before the show. What rock stars. With a lead singer that is a complete clone of Bob Dylan, the band has more in common with The Beatles than just coming from Liverpool. I stood in line afterwards to get my CD signed. They asked where I was from and I said New York. They asked what part and me, the idiot, thought they didn't understand so I just kept saying New York over and over. Before I knew it I was flubbering my words, asking them to be in the magazine and shoed off by a security guard. Luckily, upon my departure, they were still smiling and said they'd be in touch. Phew.

When I get home, I shall provide an intense mix of all the music I've been listening to while here -- just one more reason to pull out the red carpet.


Anonymous said...

I want a copy of that mix. I am so sick of all my music ... I need to hear some good new stuff.

Phil said...

i just saw The Cribs open up for Kaiser Chiefs last night. They're alright. I'm gonna see Hard-Fi this Sunday. Their stuff is catchy and cheesy. I can't help to be hooked!

Rachael said...

tb -- some sort of mix will be posted. i shall provide.

i forgot i also bought youth group's album, skeleton jar....which just may be my favorite. okay, tied for first with editors.

Mallie said...

I think you have to give Hard-Fi a few listens before you're sure whether you like the sound or not. They're one of those bands I could have written off, but I thought I'd better give them a few more chances. Great minds think alike...they're playing on my radio-blog right now! Be safe and we look forward to your homecoming posts. - Mallie

Rachael said...

mallie -- will do. can't make a proper opinion just yet. will keep that in mind. keep up the great blogging by the way. you are on top of things!

off to amsterdam... ;)

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