Sunday, July 17, 2005

Guitar Picks & Air Conditioning

So this cold has turned into quite the chest infection. I can't smoke cigarettes and find solace in air conditioned locations. Today I spent the majority of the day at the Apple store trying to rebuild my computer after they had to erase my entire hard drive. I attempted to upload some pictures and music, but only got so far. Pictures are up on Flikr to your right. More to come.

But yesterday I spent the majority of my day somewhere quite far from the Steve Jobs locale -- West Kensington, to interview and watch FeverKing, perhaps my new favorite band on this side of the ocean. I remembered being impressed with them the first time I saw them, and yet last night it was top notch. Nice fellas too. Not only did I get a guitar pick flung especially to me by the uber talented guitar player Chaz, but we even got a dedication to their "American friends." Look out for these boys, they'll make it to New York soon, if I have anything to say about it. And be sure to check out the article in the next issue, that will come

For now, enjoy some live tracks. (right click, save as)

  • FeverKing - In The Meantime
  • FeverKing - It's Mine Part 1
  • FeverKing - Waiting For The Weekend

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