Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's been awhile since I've been in a mosh pit

Brace yourself. Watch your belongings. The Subways will take over your world. I make fun of my own mother for her over exaggeration of everything (this is the best restaurant, moisturizer, apple, etc). But, my god, last night was the best show I've been to in London.

I heard the buzz, I read the reviews, and I knew this band was supposed to be great. They are young, hip, gritty, etc...every it word you could think of. I tend to be cynical so I was expecting it to be okay, but I was not prepared. I found myself in the middle of the wildest pack of Britons I have ever seen screaming along to every song. And that was just the crowd. Three young musicians had everything you want to see in a live show. It wasn't at all forced, the music led the way and they followed. I saw people crowd surfing in a 200+ crowd packed into a tiny room...including Billy, the lead guitarist.

I can't describe the vibe and reaction in that room last night. It was just incredible. Katie predicts they'll be huge next year. I don't doubt it. They've got everything going for them, and a killer debut album to prove it. Get it now. See them now. Just watch out for the guy with the cigarette next to you when you find yourself caught in a mosh pit. It could get a tad scary.

That, my friends, was the best show ever.


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