Sunday, July 3, 2005

I constantly feel like I'm never in the right place at the right time. I was bummed I was missing Live 8 yesterday. I could have seen Pink Floyd. Sir Paul McCartney. History, in the making. But then I was sitting out on the beach of the Mediterranean, and I thought, well...this isn't so bad.

In case you weren't aware where Malta is, besides the fact it is where they filmed Troy and Gladiator, it's a teeny tiny island right below Sicily that takes about an hour to drive around, and just so happens to be where my dad is from. All his side of the family is still here, so every time we're over here it's like a big family reunion. Last night my uncle was married, and that resulted in a lot of rum and cokes (they don't know what cranberry juice is here) and many a relatives asking how my studies are. I stifled myself from admitting I prefer the late night band reviews opposed to Physics. Speaking of bands, the terrible wedding band that apparently my dad hired (clearly without my consent) was awful. I told my sister when she gets married (hopefully soon) and when I am maid of honor (she claims), I will get her Guster. Now that would be a great wedding band.

Speaking of Guster, they just played with Boston Pops last week and finally updated their road journal. Check out the "sky-high" experience with some pictures here.

I'm back in London tomorrow and cannot wait to hear if any of my friends could even see anything at Live 8. I booked my tickets for Dublin and will be leaving bright and early Thursday morning to meet up with some hometown folk plus the one and only Liz, and the Irish side of the fam. We'll all be going to Oxegen this weekend. I think I may die from music overload. I am a little excited. Just a little.

That will be my first music festival, but certainly not my last. I just found out I'm cleared for press passes for this years CMJ and after checking out the lineup....well, shit. Check it out here.

And the wonderful Nic Haracourt got a very cool write-up in the NY Times a week or two ago. Hands down the coolest person I ever spoke to, and not just because of his voice. Read the article here. Just a tad bit superior the Q+A we did in Issue Six. Maybe.

Looking forward to some shows this week checking out some more locals. I have to venture to the Apple Store in London because I've officially fucked up my computer. I feel like I'm going to Mecca. Have you seen this place? I think it just may beat Soho's. We'll see.

More music, and hopefully some pictures coming up. Stay tuned.


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