Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here We Go Again

Just to let you know -- I'm okay. No need to worry, this one doesn't seem to be as destructive. Everyone is glued to the TV here at school because our dorm is basically right next to Warren St tube stop. So we're stuck here, and what a better time to blog, right?

Unfortunately, not much to report. We saw the BBC Proms last night which was quite extraordinary, just to be in the Royal Albert Hall. It's beautiful. Afterwards we felt it necessary to grab my laptop, my Donnie Darko DVD and head to Regent's Park for a late night show. It's quite dark there, and when you are watching a scary movie, somewhat "enhanced"...well let's just say that every noise caused us to jump. We lasted half way through the movie, chugging red wine, smoking cigarettes...wondering if Frank was in the bushes before calling it a night. It was great.

Tonight I'm going back to The Metro (basically because I can walk there to avoid hassle) to check out Clor, another buzz band here in London that we shall see if they are worth the hype. I'll let you know tomorrow!

Yay..Liz arrives tomorrow too and if she reads this before calling me, don't cancel your trip, and how do you feel about heading up to Scotland for the weekend?

In the words of my mother, "be good". Yes mum!


Anonymous said...

well i was there.. and they ARE worth the hype, peeple

Rachael said...

excellent. good to know. will try and check them out before i leave...thanks!

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