Friday, November 11, 2005

All Things Considered

So pumped right now. Not only is it Friday and my French class was canceled because of the NYU Graduate students striking, BUT I just received the proof of the magazine and wow. It looked good on screen but I can't believe what it looks like holding it in my hand. It's like a child. And a beautiful one at that.

I saw Shopgirl last night and probably should have opted for something else. It has been months since I've seen a movie in the theaters, so it was good to sit in an extremely cold room and munch on popcorn. The movie was okay. It was a little strange, and not usually in the best way. Jason Schwarztman stole the show. I adore him. I remember seeing Phantom Planet play three years ago when he was still drummer of the band, pre-OC fame. He is one crazy cat.

Tonight I'm heading over to Pianos for a much hyped show featuring PA-based band, The Teeth and NYC's own The Spinto Band. Both bands I've learned and listened to on the blogosphere and I'm interested to check them out live.

  • The Teeth - The Man Without A Motive
  • The Teeth - Peter Goes to 43rd St...
  • The Teeth - I Love You
  • The Teeth - Mercy, Mercy, Pudding Pie

  • The Spinto Band - Crack The Whip
  • The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy
  • The Spinto Band - Brown Boxes

    The award-winning dynamite duo The Tarts of Pleasure will host the afterparty at their weekly party, Stolen Transmission, at Orchard Bar. Congrats to both Karen and Sarah for winning three Nightlife Awards from Paper Magazine: Best Promoters (the tarts of pleasure), People's Choice Award for Best Party (stolen transmission) , and People's Choice Award for Best DJ (ultragrrrl).

    And don't forget, NEXT FRIDAY we'll be hosting the party at Crash Mansion where your grubby little hands can take the latest copy of Underrated Magazine. Be sure to rsvp by emailing or click here after tonight to get free admission before 11 and half price if you show up afterwards. Get there early to enjoy the OPEN BAR from 9-10 and stay late to check out all the bands we have to offer. We'll have a pretty flyer for you next week.

    Have a super weekend!


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