Thursday, November 10, 2005

One Foot In Front of The Other

There were times when things were simple. I had no idea what I was doing when I interviewed bands, I envisioned big things for each one that I met, and the bands were entertained by my enthusiasm. I don't think I've necessary become a skeptic, yet, but I know a lot more about this whole business than I did before. I'm not wide-eyed, but I am persistent, and let's face it...a little bit possessive.

Everyone feels it, when they see a band they have loved and known make it to that mainstream level. You want the best for them, but you can't help but become selfish. So as I stood in a packed Rothko last night and watched The Upwelling play, I accepted the facts. You can see it in their eyes that they are ready for that next level. Ari especially, yearns to have girls right up to the edge of the stage screaming and holding out their hands for him. He's already got the whole rock-star thing down pretty good. The songs, old and new, are above and beyond what they started out with, especially considering they all resonated form a basement recording studio in Brooklyn. It was a treat last night to hear them play "In Your Arms/Sam," a song they haven't played in months. It was the first song I ever heard by The Upwelling and last night it sounded fantastic, yet quite different...which seems appropriate now.

I caught up with Josh afterwards and we chatted for awhile, and I still laugh at remembering how many times I've talked to Josh, frustrated, and yet he finds a way to convince me otherwise. He always insists that they haven't yet "sold-out" according to my definitions, and that they are doing everything they can to make themselves a better band. I never accepted that answer before, mostly out of fear. And even though he said "off-the-record" about five times while talking (I wondered if I had a hidden tape recorder that only he knew of), he's right. I don't know why I don't want success for the bands I most love. I suppose I just want it to remain authentic, and with the way our industry is these days, it can be hard to keep that intact.

I've had far too many analytic posts about this band. Just listen to me when I say: expect big things. New keyboard player (okay, not that new) got a cool solo while Ari was tuning his guitar during the set. He’s pretty damn good. They played some new tunes that I really liked and Ari was wearing those shoes again. Maybe instead of me debating in my head the future of this band, I should be formulating a plan to steal those shoes. Just a thought.

  • The Upwelling - The Steps

    After The Upwelling was a band called Murder Mystery that was a nice surprise. Another three-person band, with a girl drummer, and a lead singer with a voice kinda like The National. Oh and some of those bass lines were just incredible. Each member seemed to be quite the musician. It's dark and moody pop with catchy beats. I guess that in and of itself is a mystery to me.

  • Murder Mystery - Think of Me
  • Murder Mystery - Honey Come Home
  • Murder Mystery - Who Doesn't Wanna Give Me Love


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