Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everyone's Starting Over

It's a tough thing, putting on a show. You have bands you want, bands you can get, bands that cancel, and bands that agree to play at 1 in the morning. You have friends that show, friends that tell you that morning they can't come, friends that can't get in, and friends that come for a drink and say "happy now?" But I had this magazine and I figured people should read it, so what better way to get it into their hands than by throwing a party.

After waiting in New Jersey all day for a cell phone that never arrived and schlepping back and forth from Brooklyn to drop off things at the venue, I was ready to call it quits on Friday. But I believe it was at the point where I stepped outside for a cigarette at 9 PM and saw a line outside Crash Mansion where I began to get excited. The amount of people just standing outside was probably more than we had at our last two shows combined. I knew this was going to be a big night.

God I love open bars. I said my hellos and thank yous while running around trying to make sure everyone was happy and ready, constantly with cranberry vodka in my hand. Aloud took the stage and even though they weren't part of our show, they did a good job getting everyone pumped for what was to come. I kept looking around Crash Mansion and asked myself two things: who are all these people and why are they reading the magazine? I know it sounds sad, but it makes me very nervous to actually see people physically read it. I'm just waiting for someone to point out typos (which they did). I'd much prefer they take it home and read it while I'm not hovering around them.

JAYMAY @ Crash Mansion I made my way front and center for the wonderful and beautiful JAYMAY. I was thrilled when she played "Only One I Love" because I fall asleep to that song every night, but even more thrilled to hear people come up to me and tell me how good they think she is. She is that good. She is that talented. Watch out for this one.

Nora was spinning in between the sets and we highly approved of her choices. You can't go wrong with Kelly Clarkson when I'm drunk. Oh I sing, and I dance, and basically make a fool out of myself. It's always fun to watch.

A Brief Smile @ Crash MansionI couldn't believe that I had got the acts I was seeing to play all together, in one night, for my show. I'm not kidding when I say this is my dream lineup. I'd walk in the snow or hot coals to see any of these bands play any night of the week. So having an Underrated show without my favorites A Brief Smile just wouldn't be the same. I still will never get over how good this band is. Every time I expect it to be as good as the last, but no they get better. I had so many people tell me how great they thought they were and I'm thinking, well yes. And in three years from now, when they take over the world, you'll remember this. I appreciated the looks I got during the set -- yes, I know every word and I'm not afraid to admit it. So when they played my now top25 Most Played on iTunes's song "We Could Get In Trouble" my night was set. I was one happy gal.

If this post is getting ridiculous, I understand your concerns. But you have to accept that I am an uber fan of all these bands, and I do have the capacity to say something negative about any of them, but I can't find anything wrong. So when Tim of The Diggs came up to me earlier in the night and handed me a product that resembled a CD that may or may not be released two weeks from now, I was pumped. I did however have to promise I wouldn't post anything up here yet (sorry!). The Diggs @ Crash MansionBut that's okay. Any recording done by this band is sure to be fantastic, but it's all about seeing these guys play live. "Everyone's Starting Over" is a perfect example of this. Great to hear while sitting in your apartment still in your pajamas hungover, but an out of this world experience to hear it played 5 feet in front of you. If there was an energizer bunny of bands, The Diggs would be it.

So I finally had a second to breathe, and get another drink when Jeremy informed me that we had some celebrities up in the joint. I immediately thought of the guys from Levy or The Cloud Room that had said hi or Steve Schiltz from Longwave who played with JAYMAY, because that's a celeb to me. But no, apparently we had an Academy Award winner and a Show Girls alum in our midst. I peeked over to my left and sure enough, there was Ralph Fiennes and Gina Gershon were making out on the couch at Crash Mansion. I felt it okay to go over and say hello, because let's face it, I was drunk enough. Gina was very sweet and took a copy of the magazine home, while Ralph was clearly drunkity drunk drunk drunk. Georgia raved about Harry Potter, I told him I haven't seen any. It was an US Weekly moment.

When I say it's hard to put on a show, it's because a lot of politics come into play. I think I'm too naive and not cut out for this industry because when I choose the bands I want to play it's because I like them and I want to see them play. I don't want to think about numbers, but it's part of the plan. We had an amazing amazing turnout, more than I ever anticipated, but sure, things didn't go exactly as planned. It happens. But until I can open up my own venue and have my own parties every night, there are certain things you have to deal with and understand. And when bands cancel on you, it sucks. I take it personally. But when bands come through at the last minute, I take that personally too. Because there are nice people in this industry, you have to remind yourself about that sometimes.

The Upwelling @ Crash MansionI felt as though I should bow down to The Upwelling by the end of the night. These guys are real troopers. They didn't take the stage until what must have been 2:30 or 3 in the morning. I give the band a hard time a lot and it's because I put them on this high pedestal. There's a reason for this. They are incredible and incredibly nice. You don't find that too often. I know they probably didn't want to be playing so late, and the venue made the band sound probably the worst I've heard. I didn't care, I had The Upwelling closing out my show. And the entire night ended with my personal request for the band, "Worthy Enemy." I think I may have been dancing like a ballerina, I'm not sure.

I was so nervous and anxious for this night to happen, and now it's over. I think I'll have to go into mourning just to get over it. And with all the stress and the craziness, I'd do it all over again. Magazine or no magazine, I'm such a huge fan. I listen to songs over and over again, I'll get really excited when someone tells me they like the same band that I do, and I go nuts at shows. Last night was everything I could ask for. I got to rock out to my favorite bands and have people tell me they think they rock. Nothing gets any better than that.

Oh yes, and I wore my Upwelling t-shirt to sleep last night. I'm that much of a dork.

  • More pictures of the night can be found here.
  • Nora has some up too here like this great one of Matt from the GoStation:

  • If anyone has any photos from Friday, please let me know!

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