Friday, September 16, 2005

CMJ Day Two Recap/Day Three

I'm beginning to realize why bands and show goers are not the biggest fan of CMJ. It's just far too much in too little time. My hopes of seeing over 40 bands in 4 days are no longer. One day at a time. I don't know why I feel the need to see all these bands when half of them I’ve seen before and half of them will be back in NYC soon enough. So with that said. I am taking it easy tonight and then going all out tomorrow. Last night was the most bizarre day ever. The interview with Brandon went pretty well. His view on those "lazy hipsters" was unapologetic. "I hate the people just like me," he said. Can't blame a guy who's honest, right?

From 7A, Katie and I walked down to the Lower East Side realizing we were far too early for Pianos. So instead we found it not early enough to start drinking. I had to bring Katie to Schillers for some Decent Wine. I ordered a half carafe and then Katie ordered her own delicious chocolate martini.

Katie and her chocolate martini at Schillers... at 2 PM

Then I drank the half carafe myself and wanted to take a nap. But nap I could not, as I put Katie in a cab to head back to DC and I made my way to Pianos.

Two beers later, some familiar faces, and a entertaining set from The Changes and I could have been content for the day. After listening to this Chicagoans for some time now it was great to see them play in person. And is true what the say, they are perhaps the happiest band on stage.

The Changes @ Pianos

From there I had to run around on some errands, meeting my new Ad sales gal and picking up my French books from Georgia's. Then it was back down to Bowery for The New Pornographers which was sold out or something because they wouldn't let me in. Boo.

So all the way up to Central Park where I was hoping to sit down with a nice cold beer and chill out to Arcade Fire and hopefully a David Bowie appearance. On the way into the park I ran into Josh and we caught up on our busy summers. The Arcade Fire was a bit disappointing, I must admit, but not at the fault of the band whatsoever. It was god awfully hot, which I presume cause everyone to stand still for the majority of the show. It was far too quiet from where I was standing as well. David Bowie was not the biggest surprise of the year but still fantastic. I love that man. And I loved his hat.
Arcade Fire @ Central Park

Back downtown where I stopped by Susan's for some reenergizing through water and checking my email. Thank god she lives next door to CBGBs where I caught The Honorary Title. I fulfilled my emo needs and found myself singing along to every song. Who knew?

The Honorary Title @ CBGBs

I was beyond tired and in need of starting my French homework but I figured I was next door so I would go see The Changes again. Clearly I didn't get enough earlier. However set times were running late so I caught a bit from an LA band An Angle who were surprisingly fun. Sort of Arcade Fire-esque but a bit less experimental and a bit more singalong.

An Angle @ CBs Gallery

A couple songs in and I was yawning far too much. I hopped on the subway trying to conjugate verbs and was home with just enough time to finish the assignment and get a couple hours of sleep. Hence, today...I take it easy.

-8:00 Kevin Devine @ Living Room
-10:00 Imogen Heap @ Living Room
-11:00 Robbers on High Street @ Mercury


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