Tuesday, September 6, 2005

London Calling Part II: Things You Should Be Knowing

I swear it's taken me this long to get my life back to normal, and I'm still trying to situate myself. I'm hoping that in a week after I start back at work I'll have my whole routine down. Anyways. Chicago was a blast, I'm sad to see my sister move because I'd really like to get back there soon. I know she's going to miss it like crazy so we'll have to take a trip out there together. The interview with Jonny of The Changes went really well -- super cool guy, very articulate, and many awesome things are happening to that band (and deserved). They'll be in NYC for CMJ on September 15 with two shows: Pianos at 4 PM and CB's 313 Gallery that night at 11:30. (Thanks Nora)

I ran into a bunch of people today that were in London with me over the summer and I started to reminisce about the fabulous time and the even more fabulous music I was exposed to. So (a bit late), but here nonetheless is London Calling Part II. (Click here for the first part)

Hard-Fi (website)
Took me a while to warm up to this band. I was overly exposed with signs everywhere in London proclaiming me that this was Britain's newest and greatest act EVER. Naturally, I was skeptical. But I bought the album willing to give it an un-biased listen. At first I wasn't that impressed. Somewhat catchy, yes, but not instantly likeable. Although completely different bands, it was a similar experience with CYHSY. A lot of hype. But both albums aged well in my music collection. And both are truly works of art.

  • Middle Eastern Holiday (m4a)
  • Cash Machine(m4a)
  • Hard To Beat(m4a)
  • Move On Now(m4a)

    The Stands (website)
    <The Stands at VirginI'm always down for a free show and when I heard it was The Stands I was at Virgin Megastore quicker than you could say Noel Gallagher loves us. The similarities between this band and The Beatles are countless. No band will ever come close to changing the world musically as much as the Fab Four -- but this band is up there. They rocked the downstairs of the music store to a dedicated fan base. And when I talked to them afterwards, they chatted up a storm about how much they love New York. Too bad I couldn't understand a word they were saying.

  • Back To You (m4a)
  • When The Night Falls In (m4a)
  • Do It Like You Like (m4a)
  • Turn The World Around (m4a)

    The Cribs (website)
    I tend to dislike Pitchfork. I tend to disagree with them often. The Cribs is one perfect example. They gave the album a 3.0 and said that it is "less deserving of ire, and yet no more deserving of a listen." And what a surprise? They compared them to the Strokes. Come on! This lo-fi album is a gem of today's true brit rock. It's gritty but accessible. And musically it's incredibly impressive from a young band (and might I add superior to the Strokes). It may have flaws, yes --but this is just the beginning. I'm very eager to hear what this band does next.

  • Things You Should Be Knowing (m4a)
  • Baby Don't Sweat (m4a)
  • You Were Always The One (m4a)
  • That Can Be Arranged (m4a)

    Tom Vek (website)
    I technically wasn't listening to Tom Vek while I was in London because I only received this album two weeks ago. But I think it’s because of my summer in London that I appreciate it more. I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- I didn't ever used to dance at concerts, clubs, etc. I just don't have the moves. But there are certain bands and certain songs that you just can't help but boogie down to. London showed me that, and perhaps rid me of my apprehensions of looking like an idiot. And now I can proudly say I put on Mr. Vek and dance around my new apartment. Who needs a dance floor when you have no rug yet? It's an addicting album in all the right ways. And the coolest part is -- every instrument heard is recorded by this 24-year-old musical genius. Kinda cute too.

  • A Little Word In Your Ear (m4a)
  • C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) (m4a)
  • Direction (m4a)
  • Cover (m4a)

    Bonus from Australia:
    Youth Group (website)
    I bought this album just prior to my departure and it was on heavy rotation during the summer. I fell in love with the song "Skeleton Jar" and then I fell in love with the entire album. Can't wait to see if they can pull it off live next week at CMJ. Although I've heard mixed reviews, I think it’s a beautiful record from start to finish. Something about it screams warm summer nights sitting on a beach with a bottle of wine. It's peaceful, intricate, and everything I love about music -- it brings me somewhere else.

  • See-Saw (m4a)
  • Lillian Lies (m4a)
  • Shadowland(m4a)
  • Why Don't The Buildings Cry? (m4a)


    Phil said...

    I love the Youth Group and Hard-Fi albums.

    Elli said...

    I saw Youth Group at Reading Festival and - OMG. I already had the album, was a little bit undecided as to whether or not they were worth talking about. Saw them live, totally decided it for me. The music is just a lot more enveloping and substantial live. You'll enjoy their show a lot if you're a fan :) Better than the CD!

    Phil said...

    awesome! they are coming to SF in October and i'll definitely be there!

    Rachael said...

    sweeet. i'm psyched.

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