Saturday, September 17, 2005

Turn It Up

I guess I'm not all as ambitious as I thought I was. I caught Kevin Devine at The Living Room early in the night (although it was quite packed) and met up with Liz for some drinks at 2A. A couple pints later and I was on my way back home. I felt it neccessary to save up my energy for today. Besides, it's not like these bands will never come back to New York, right?

Kevin Devine @ Living Room

But tonight is the night where there's no excuses for hitting up all these shows. Fantastic bands, Saturday night, a place to stay in the city...a girl could not ask for anything more.

-2:30 Elizabethtown Screening @ Paramount Screening Center
-7:30 Tim Williams @ CBs Gallery
-8:00 The Late Greats @ CBs Gallery
-9:00 We Are Scientists @ Scenic
-10:00 GoStation @ Crash Mansion
-11:30 Dirty on Purpose @ Mercury
-12:30 Youth Group @ Mercury
-1:30 The Upwelling @ Mercury

And don't forget, tomorrow a post-CMJ show at Pianos featuring The Late Greats and A Brief Smile.
Pianos (Ludlow & Stanton)
1:00 / $5
Annual POST-CMJ Matinee Show!
2:00 The Late Greats
3:00 A Brief Smile
4:00 The Besties
5:00 American Princes


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