Thursday, September 15, 2005

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

4 out of 9. I seemed to have overly anticipated my ability to run around Manhattan after very little sleep and numerous drinks. Note to self: no need to get a drink at every show. Two at one and skipping the next will work in your favor. Regardless the night was a blast and I'm ridiculously exhausted. Back in the city early tomorrow to interview Brandon of Nightmare of You and then catching the early show of The Changes. Then night #2 where I will have to revise my schedule due to the fact that I will be up town for Arcade Fire and sure as hell will not be leaving early. David Bowie, anymore? Anyway, my brief and sleep deprived run down of the night.

Sam Champion made me feel cool. And when I found out Brian from my favorite band produced the album AND plays on some of the tracks, I felt that much more cool.

Sam Champion at Virgin Megastore

Levy packed Arlene's and made me feel all warm inside.
Levy @ Arlene's Grocery

The Cribs rocked my socks off and made me wish I was back in London.
The Cribs @ Bowery Ballroom

Jaymay broke my a good way.
Jaymay @ The Living Room

See more pictures here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the levy show was TOP, my first time seeing them was really impressed. didnt know what to expect since ive been reading so much hype in the bloglands. but they delivered big time. and packed the club, thats always a plus yeah.

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