Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's About Time

Sorry for my post last night. I was "fuming" in more ways than one. But back to what's important. Big announcement! I can officially tell you now that The Five O'Clock Heroes will be on the cover of the next issue of Underrated Magazine out next month. Since the band is half British/ half New York it seemed perfect. Not only will we feature the best of the locals here in NYC but some of the UK's Underrated acts as well. It's full of fantastic fantastic bands, people, so keep a look out.

I first met up with Antony and Elliot in May over some drinks in the east village. Lucky for me my tape wasn't exactly comprehendible that I got to meet up with them...again. This time with the whole band. Boy I'm a lucky girl. I headed down to Rothko for their sound check. I was greeted quite warmly and we caught up on summer stories. I told Antony how I became addicted to NME over the summer (to which he called rubbish, even though they are off on the NME tour this weekend, shh). If you happened to read any of the letters from New York, he was mentioned three (!) times. Yesterday their feature came out in the issue as well. Not too shabby, but compared to Underrated? Rubbish!

So we walked around the Lower East Side for a while, trying to find somewhere quiet to go. I think they were more conscious than I was about the tape this time. Perhaps I just wanted another excuse to hang out. We found somewhere that seemed low-key until a group of crazies came in. Oh well. We kept it going. It's funny; I used to be extremely terrified giving interviews. I would more often that not be overly prepared with a billion questions and still fumble over them. I went in there with a tape recorder and no notes. Probably one of the most relaxed interviews yet. I think I've finally found my rhythm.

The boys went off to meet Elliott's mom (aww) and I finished my French homework at the bar (blah). Met Liz for some pizza and headed back to Rothko. I told myself I could only have two more drinks for the night and actually held to it, despite Liz trying to convince me otherwise. Ran into Nora who seems to have a liking for Antony. It's hard not to. The Heroes put on such a great show. It's nice to see a band have so much fun on stage; I think that's almost forgotten these days. These guys are going to be huge. I guarantee it. But I can't imagine that it would change them at all. They work hard. They do it all themselves. And they deserve all the success they receive. Cheers!

As we were leaving we ran into Matt outside (I think he's following me). He had a little bit of a press leak for me, which made me feel super cool. The GoStation was asked to play NEMO, Boston's equivalent of CMJ on October 1. It's a huge show, sponsored by ASCAP and MySpace. Heard of them right? Yeah, exactly. However Nick will not be able to make the show due to a family commitment, so they have Dennis from Saints + Lovers stepping in. Cool, right? And then Matt had his own Anton sighting later that night, but that's a whole other story.

I had to use Liz's camera last night because I didn't have mine with me, so pictures from the show will be up whenever she gets around to uploading them. Which could be tonight, could be next year. You never know with that girl. But enough blabbing, you need some music, don't you?

The Five O'Clock Heroes

  • Run To Her
  • Head Games
  • Turn It Up
  • Anybody Home

    I had a nice little surprise waiting for me when I got home today: an advance copy of We Are Scientists debut album "With Love and Squalor." It's not due out until January, but I can tell you now it's fantastic. I've listened to it three times in a row and I hear different things each time. I'd share some of it with all of you, but there are some crazy crazy copyright warnings on it that are getting me a little scared. So for now, a song that the band ever so nicely posted on their website (and happen to be on the debut album):
  • In Action
    Buy the EP here

    I caught Sam Champion at Virgin last Wednesday, bought the album and highly recommend. (Not to mention they are in the next issue as well!) I think I told someone the other day that it sounds like Ben Kweller, with a whole band, and more balls. Or something. Their album release party is on Friday at Mercury. I'd go in a heartbeat, if I weren't so broke now.
  • TV Fever
  • Now Look At Me

    Now it's time to recap with Lost and watch the season premiere. I've been waiting all summer for this.


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