Friday, September 23, 2005

I heart The Diggs

Let me just say, I've never had that much fun conducting an interview before. I think I told them that maybe 4 times throughout the evening. You know The Diggs by now from this blog. You've read about them in other blogs. You've heard them through their website, and maybe you've even had the chance to check them out live (which is the icing on the cake). But get a couple rounds with this band and let the fun begin.

The reason I started Underrated was to find out the stories behind bands. To get to know band other than through their music. Because music can be completely arbitrary, and who am I to justify what music you should listen to. So I had the longest week ever, and one of the longest days ever. From a French exam this morning to a very busy/uneventful day at work, all I wanted to do was go home and lay on my couch. I wanted to start my weekend of productivity/laziness. But oh yeah, I had to interview The Diggs. It started to rain as I walked through the Lower East Side. I told myself, one hour, and I'll be on the subway home. Let's get this over and done with.

One hour turned into three. One drink into six (?). Interview turned into a lot of laughs. This night redeemed my love for what I do. So people, lets all join together and proclaim The Diggs as exactly what New York needs. Unpretentious, ridiculously talented, and super fun guys.

Oh yeah, and all you bloggers out there, they only had nice things to say about you. So continue the love. They deserve it.

Just don't tell Charlie he looks like Lyle Lovett. Whatever you do.

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Anonymous said...

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