Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Birdmonster vs. Mason Proper

In case you didn't know, two of my favorite bands are currently on tour right now. They will both be in New York this Saturday at Gramercy Theater, so you are a fool if you don't buy your tickets asap. Oh, and did I mention Miss Jena Malone and her Bloodstains will be opening? Oh yes. This will be interesting.

Anyways, I came across this hilarious myspace bulletin that Mason Proper posted that gives you a little insight into their tour thus far. Here is an excerpt.

was the jam
it was a small crowd
because it was tuesday
and mew was playing a mile away
and it was pouring rain
and many other excuses that i make to sluff off responsibility
but the people that WERE there
were the greatest persons in the history of persons
and those that came to love on birdmonster
loved on mason proper
and those that came to love on mason proper
loved on birdmonster
and mason proper and birdmonster loved on each other
and i guess that means it was kind a big gross love orgy
but you should've been there
because there was an epic ping pong battle between
zac mason proper
justin birdmonster
and when the smoke cleared
justin stood,
paddle smoking,
over zac's ping pong ball-addled corpse
and so we had to have zach birdmonster be our zac for the night


Mason Proper recently did a lounge session for WOXY. You can download that here.

Birdmonster debuted some brand spanking new songs on MPR which turned out to be an amazing acoustic set. I can't wait to here these new songs again, and until Saturday, you can stream the performance here.

The boys also stopped by Sirius' Blog Radio and Dodge has some mp3s. Sah-weet.

See you Saturday.


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