Wednesday, March 7, 2007

i heart kristoffer ragnstam, as well as every other band it seems

Ah, here you are. I knew there was some place I was supposed to rehash my silly shenanigans other than towards my friends. I knew there was a reason for the overabundance of eye rolling as of late. See! One plus of the internet. I can't see your reaction. Horray.

So where did we leave off? Ah yes! Jukebox The Ghost, to whom I declared my new favorite band (in their presence) while toasting a shot (I may have drank a bit too much on Saturday). But in all seriousness, this band made quite an impression. I had never seen them live, but for the past few weeks I have made a killing on their few songs I possess. I spent the better part of their set jumping around and singing out all the words. I really have no shame.

The trio hammered out an extremely enjoyable set to a packed crowd for the early hour on a Saturday night. I was sad to see it end, to be quite honest. Just when I was beginning to get over the initial shock (wow, they really are that good), they started to pack up their stuff. Perhaps that's the reason I drank so much that night -- I must have been in denial.

For better and more coherent ramblings on the awesome show, check out Pop Tarts Suck Toasted or The Music Slut's posts. And keep a lookout for this band. They are coming back at'cha this summer with a Piano's residency. Mmhmm, I knew that they'd make an impression.

Speaking of making an impression. This week I managed to have yet another awkward interview with Voxtrot's Ramesh, and yet another gush-worthy interview with Nic Harcourt. It's funny, both I have interviewed before in my past journalistic experiences. I'd like to think I now have a different outlook, nay approach to my interviews working for a legit publication. Nope, still the same ol' me. It's been a crazy last couple weeks here at CMJ, but my, I never knew how much I missed the actual act of reporting. And even  though I complain on a daily basis, and would rather stay in my nice warm bed and watch 24 all day, I'm pretty gosh darn thrilled that I ended up where I have. It's all been quite surreal.

But yes! Let's talk about music. Because I've actually been listening to some new music and hopefully I'll get back into writing succinct posts about each. But for now, I'll just let you in on my latest find, Mr. Kristoffer Ragnstam (don't ask me to pronounce that) who we did a news story on today, and now that I've listened to him he's one of my new favorite peeps to keep an eye on (there should be a list of those somewhere in my head). Not only is he a cutie mc cute (always a requirement, isn't it?) but his electro fueled pop is almost like a toned down Tom Vek with a little bit more pop. Plus, he's Swedish. He'll be at SXSW, so it is now my goal to make sure I catch at least one show. Wish me luck.

Kristoffer Ragnstam - Breakfast By The Mattress

Speaking of SXSW, I am indeed going for the second year in the row. I haven't had a second to comb through all the emails or schedules, so I'm hoping I can tag along with either Nora or Wes and they will have some sort of plan of action. But something tells me they are thinking exactly the same thing.

I'll also be mulling around with the Birdmonster boys (who just kicked off their ridiculous cross-country tour) and our Ra Ra Riot friends (whose EP you can finally now pre-order.) And yes, Tally Hall will be bringing their tie-wearing selves down south as well. I can't wait to follow those boys around.

Needless to say, I'm psyched. That's all for now.

Just kidding. Here is a brand spanking new track off of Ra Ra Riot's new EP. I've heard some more tracks and shista, they are good.

Enjoy this one for now.

Ra Ra Riot - Each Year In Our Graves


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