Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Changes @ Pianos | Fujiya & Miyagi @ Mercury | Band Of The Week: Coconut Records

I never had much luck traveling. I've been home from Austin since Monday and yet my suitcase has yet to arrive. After many hours on the phone with Delta (the devil), the guaranteed times have been anything but guaranteed. It's almost laughable now, if it was not for my antibiotics that are in there that I so desperately need. My newly brunette (but always logical) roommate tells me you cannot become addicted to antibiotics, but I beg to differ. I have always defied science. And I need them. I don't want tonsillitis to come back for the ninth time. Sigh.

But I have not been sitting at home crying over spilt milk, or lost luggage. Instead, I've continued the craziness that was SXSW and hit up some more shows. On Tuesday, I caught the always loveable The Changes at Pianos. They actually were the last band I saw during SXSW, and the first one since I have been back. Imagine that! So for all you haters who think I only see three bands all the time, it's kinda true. I'm still okay with it.

The Changes premiered some brand spanking new songs which Nora and I immediately have fallen for. It's pretty incredible to see this band progress. They were pretty spectacular to begin with, but now their live shows are passionate, tight, and my favorite front man Darren Spitzer has officially broken out of his shell. Cannot wait to hear what these boys have in store for their second album.

After Pianos, Pat and I ran over to Mercury Lounge to check out one of my top 10 bands to see at SXSW, who I didn't actually manage to see. Good thing they stopped by NYC before heading home to the UK. I really didn't know what to expect from Fujiya & Miyagi. I liked what I had heard, and was intrigued enough to catch them live. The set they delivered was jam-packed of funky deliciousness, with no stopping from song to song. The entire room immediately got into this crazy groove, a feat I hadn't seen happen in Mercury Lounge for some time. Their songs, while all quite similar, were executed in fashion, precisely what I want when I see a band for the first time.

Speaking of seeing bands for the first time, I sure hope Mr. Jason Schwartzman and his new project Coconut Records goes on tour pretty damn soon. I got the album Nighttiming and I'm already a believer. It's one of those albums that is sad and sweet, with Schwartzman the ringleader in your mood. If he's happy, you'll be happy. But he can get a little dark sometimes, so watch yourself. All in all, not a perfect album by any means, but just as scatterbrained as I imagine Schwartzman is in real life. And that in itself is awfully charming.

You can listen to a couple songs on their myspace. Here are my two favorites.

  • Coconut Records - Summer Day
  • Coconut Records - West Coast


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