Monday, March 26, 2007

Music Slut's Spring Fling: Casettes Won't Listen, A Brief Smile, Silent Years, Locksley @ Delancey

I wish I had a camera that worked because this is going to be a very text-heavy post. But something tells me that if I did have a photographing device, I wouldn't have remembered (er, had the ability) to document. Luckily years of show going has aided in my memory despite outside influences, so here we go.

I arrived at Delancey for the blogger/band pizza party (thanks Sluts!) so I was at this show from the very beginning. Good idea in theory, until it's 2 in the morning and you realize you'd been drinking for almost seven hours and somehow found yourself djing Journey. Ah, all in a night's work.

So I'm going to refrain from talking about Midnight Hours, and start with Casettes Won't Listen, who I have seen twice before. Frankly it wasn't the best show I had seen of him, but perhaps it was because I was in the very back. What bothered me was the fact that instead of just bringing up his guest singers (who are extremely talented, I must say) he had to pretend it was some sort of reality contest and we were supposed to believe that they were just regular show goers. Well, if I had a voice like the girls he brought up, you'd bet I'd be in some sort of musical act. It was a bit of sham, and threw me off for the rest of the set. Plus, no special appearance by Tim of The Diggs for that fabulous remix (or Trent Reznor) so that was sad. However, even in spite of all this I'm still a fan. So that should count for something.

Ah, A Brief Smile. What can I say about this band that I haven't already said? Well, luckily for me they have premiered some brand spanking new songs in the past two shows I've attended, so there will always be material for me to go gaga over. And let me tell you, I'm really digging the new songs. Wes asked me if I prefer the new or old Brief Smile (which is noticeably different.) While I'll always hold their old songs near and dear to my heart (and frankly they are much easier to sing and dance around like an idiot to) I'm much more impressed by the new ones on a first listen basis. Immediately I'm blown away at how far this band has come, and I can see (and hear) that this is the direction they want to move in. It's much less poppy, much more epic and detailed. Did I mention there was moshing? Holy potatoes. In case you want to know, "2005" is my new favorite song. Get that EP out pronto, boys.

Next up was The Silent Years who I was itching to see ever since Nora picked them one week on The Blog Show. I was pleasantly surprised and although I was stuck in the back (which makes viewing quite difficult), I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard. It sounded to me as though they are a less popp, more moody Spinto Band. I'll have to see them, and literally see them again to garner a full opinion. But so far, so good.

And last, but certainly not least was the cutie pie boys of Locksley. The last and only time I saw this band before, Nora and I (thanks to a bit of alcohol) went totally nuts dancing up a storm and screaming like 13-year-old teeny boppers. These boys have that effect on you. Sadly no matching suits this time around (probably for the best since it was 1000 degrees downstairs) but they brought their same old happy go lucky pop songs to an enthusiastic crowd. The crowd had dwindled a bit for the super late start time, but everyone was still having a pretty damn good time. This band has commercial appeal written all over their boyish faces. It's only a matter of time.

Congrats to Matt and Jen for an awesome night. Can't wait until the next show.


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