Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blog Show #21...uh oh, we're legal!

We thought the day would never come, but it has! The Blog Show can now drink...legally! In honor of that we have one of our most interesting shows yet...complete with Nora having a Brit-esque breakdown half way through the show...and it's all my fault. Plus there's that band that sings that song "Ruby" that we talk about, AND you FINALLY get to hear some Jukebox the Ghost. Yay!

Clickity-click right here to listen.

Under My Skin - Jukebox The Ghost
Good Day - Jukebox The Ghost
Hold It In - Jukebox The Ghost

I Can Do Without You - Kaiser Chiefs
Learnt My Lesson Well - Kaiser Chiefs
Thank You Very Much - Kaiser Chiefs

Free Stress Test - Professor Murder
The Mountain - Professor Murder
Champion - Professor Murder

Gets Me Down - Ampop
You Could Be Lovely - Ampop
Two Directions - Ampop

Clamour For Glamour - The Ark


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