Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Division Day | Enjoy The Silence

So I'm starting to remember how much I love Divison Day. Not that I ever really forgot, but for a band that is on the other side of the US and has only come to New York City ONCE, it's hard to keep the love alive. No worries, they seem to have taken over my mailbox with friendly emails and crazy covers, one of which I felt the need to post for the masses. See, they signed to Eenie Meenie not too long ago and the label will be re-releasing the fabulouso Beartrap Island on October 2. But in order to keep interest of die-hard fans, the band has been releasing covers on a weekly basis, and this week is none other than Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence." I'm not sure why I've played this 100 times in a row. It could be the song. It could be the band. I think it's both.

The band will finally come back to New York in October, playing a residency at Union Hall and some fun showcases during CMJ. Check out their website for more info and click here to find the rest of the covers! (I think there's also some sort of contest with a map to Beartrap Island, but I was never very geographically inclined.)

  • Division Day - Enjoy The Silence

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