Friday, September 28, 2007

Weeds 3.7 - "He Taught Me How to Drive By"

Ever since my friend told me about the show Weeds, I've been an addict. Isn't that the most appropriate terminology for a show centered around a drug dealing mom? Mary Louise Parker stars in one of the most unconventional dark comedies, where a picture perfect town isn't as ideal as everyone would like to make it seem. Together with an incredible supporting cast (I'll let them slide on this whole Mary-Kate Olsen thing), Weeds keeps Showtime up at the top, executing top-notch comedies and dramas that don't fit into the mold of network TV.

This season we've seen Nancy struggle, as usual, in some of her darker times—that scene where she jumps into the pool with the Thermals playing in the background was one of the greatest music in TV moments, on par with Six Feet Under's use of Radiohead while burning the contents of their house. In this episode especially, we got some great Andy/Doug/Dean lines, and Shane Botwin may be the greatest kid ever. And okay, MK wasn't totally annoying, although great writing helps any wannabe actor. It was sad to have our first episode without U-Turn, although that funeral scene was hilarious. It's so frustrating to watch Nancy. You want her to win, but you know each time she gets herself deeper into a problem, it makes for much better TV.

The most interesting part, however, about this episode was its theme songs. If you aren't aware, each episode has a different artist covering the track "Little Boxes." We've seen a slew of great indie artists take their turn, but this week was the first rap artist, the Individuals. I couldn't find an mp3 of the track, but you can watch the video below. Pretty cool, eh?


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